Luck Rock – What’s Going On Luster Dawn (feat. ProtoShadez) [prod. MelodyBrony] | Pop-Punk

Yeah, seriously! like, legit! What’s going on with this reverse Fluttershy as a unicorn type of h o n s e?

What does she think of Pineapples on Pizza? How can she eat so much Mayo-BING BONG!-and still remain so thin? Why am I still not getting my salary from her? SO MANY QUESTIONS! You bet I was really glad Luck, Shadez, and Melody brought this to the public’s attention through this extremely joyful and funny song! Three wonderfully talented lads putting their grand workways together to solve this mystery… I adore it! I believe in it though, that one day we’ll see her again! I’d love to say more, but unfortunately, I have to cut this article short because I believe the IRS just broke through my door right now for forwarding this great question to the public, I hope they don’t smash my head on the desktop for iTTEt4 dfghdfgh5 43[08


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