Nugget – Sad to See You Go | Orchestral

Nugget has been a roll since he started releasing fandom music, and a good job he definitely does! But this piece right here? It hits; it REALLY hits. And I felt EVERY melody that was played throughout this tune. Ludwigsburg has been the home for Galacon for many years, as well where I started my big brony journey… And let me tell you; I am still very proud of that! I think Nugget compliments the memories, the legends, the funny stories, just ALL the amazing moments experienced in Forum am Schlosspark. I am sure WE BOTH are ready to support Galacon on its adventure forward! We may feel sad to see it go, but know my friends; when the day comes some will say the magic of friendship “isn’t real” and that it’s all “just from a show”, we’ll tell them WE were at Galacon and STILL will be! Don’t be afraid of the future. We’ll be alright.

I thank all the staff and attendees of Galacon, as I thank Nugget for this amazing piece. Well done my friend, I look forward to writing for you again! Ludwigsburg, Auf Wiedersehen. Ich liebe dich.


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