Brilliant Venture – PleXus | Electronic Album

The legacy of Brilliant Venture is, one final time, expressed throughout this album named: PleXus. Every melody, tune, chord, vocal, beat, just… EVERYTHING! Everything hits! you can clearly hear how these 10 years have affected our beloved friend here. It is wondrous to be able to hear & feel it. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean throughout this article…

Remembrance_Re:Form (Feat. loophoof)

What a way to start an album! loophoof’s work bashing through the beat delivering the hype and excitement, mixed in with Brilliant’s majesty and absolute determination through amazing electronic works, starting the great story of both the Mane 7 and Brilliant!

Meadow Dweller

Wonderful Fluttershy vibes with a nice trancey vibe and – of course – vocal chops! A cute tribute to our beloved yellow Pegasus, to relax and/or jump along with!

Wherever You Are [I’m Still Here] (Feat. MathematicPony)

This should ABSOLUTELY get your attention though… And yes, I admit I was peeking away a tear or two at this one… Wondrous vocals from Mathematic, delivering a strong and powerful message as it sets the tone with majestic synthesisers and piano play!

Seriously, listen to this album and you’ll hear so much beauty… It’s absolutely stunning! BV, You are a Brilliant Musician, and knowing that throughout ALL the time this universe exists, I get to share it with you… That truly is a beautiful part of the Adventure of Life I will always cherish and celebrate. Thank you, and good luck in ALL your future endeavours!


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