7 Years of the Horse Music Herald

This looks like the same cake as last year…

I was a little late to realise, but we recently reached the 7th anniversary of our launch date! We turned 7 on 27 January, and we’re still waiting on that pony we asked for last year

I’ve been reflecting on the past year – my first back at HMH after a few years of reduced involvement – and am just amazed at the incredible resilience and continued creativity of the people in and around the music community of this fandom. In 2022, we have:

  • Posted around 360 individual songs, meaning someone wrote a nice article promoting brony music roughly once a day. And we’re well aware this is only a fraction of all the music created by the fandom!
  • Posted 30 albums, both compilation albums and releases from individual artists.
  • Covered the monthly Top Tens, several compilation album release parties and multiple charity concerts.
  • Reworked parts of the website, including a new way to submit music to us and an updated staff page that honours the work of everyone who’s ever been on our team.
  • Brought several new writers onto the team to help share the love for horse music.

Thank you so much to everyone in the fandom producers and musicians for giving us wonderful music to enjoy, to everyone on the HMH staff for helping keep this passion project alive, and to all our followers for all the moral support. Here’s to another 7 years 🥂


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