RosePoni Roseluck – Princess of the Night (NeighGative_’s “Day of Reckoning” Mix) | Trance

NeighGative_’s remix of RosePoni Roseluck’s “Princess of the Night” is a adventure full of twists and turns! In its epic, near seven-minute duration, the piece takes us on a journey through a multitude of different sections, each with its own unique sound and character, keeping the listener hooked! At times, it is dark, groovy, and focused with its synths, only to give way to a new section that’s elegant, introspective, and hopeful, backed by gorgeous strings. Then it turns to something energetic and intense, with its synth stabs and wubbing bass. Throughout, you’ll hear the same Luna chops that RosePoni used in the original—they complement the piece so well as the different aspects of Luna’s character match the sections of the track! The piece eventually comes full circle and returns to its original section before closing out with the scratching sounds of a record stop. Overall, it’s breathtaking, so make sure to give this a listen through!


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