EveryDayDashie – Spring Festival Encore 新春欢腾 | Epic Orchestral / World

It’s always a treat to hear the My Little Pony lick in a different musical style & on different instruments, especially when it is styled & mixed together with something as epic as traditional Chinese orchestra & musical storytelling. EveryDayDashie seems to reward us with a new style for every one of their songs, this time focusing more on a traditional Chinese style. But don’t let the name or style throw you off, this track is more than Chinese orchestral as we know it, adding non-traditional Chinese instruments to the mix like the unification of cultures; I still can’t get over the electric guitar stealing the show like the dramatic tension in a narrative. This song definitely felt like I was in the middle of a festival for sure, celebrating traditions of both past & present, and most importantly, giving us that feeling of a complete story.


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