The Equestrian Selection presents: The Equestrian Showcase

The Equestrian Selection, the curated fandom music playlist project managed by Skyshard, has a new side to it. The Equestrian Showcase is the first of a planned annual event giving a snapshot of the music created by brony musicians in the past year. The idea is that every artist who submitted to take part each gets one song features in a, well, showcase of brony music, making it a great opportunity for anyone new or unfamiliar with the music scene to experience a range of songs from 2022! The showcase will also feature 3 guest DJ sets from Emma (TheMadhatterbrony), Dashy and Bolt.

The showcase, like many concerts and album releases, will be hosted on Pony Town’s event server, and Dashy will stream it on their Twitch channel. Join in the fun tomorrow (11 February) from 2pm CST (3pm Eastern / 8pm UTC)!


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