El Nulevoe – Power Metal Carton Horse 2: The Powering | Power Metal

CW: plenty of explicit lyrics

Okay, so El Nulevoe is back with a sequel to his “Power Metal Carton Horse”, aptly named “Power Metal Carton Horse 2: The Powering.” It’s an epic story of the protagonist as he races to warn Princess Celestia of incoming attacks from both King Sombra and Nightmare Moon! The energy level of the track is so high that you’ll be thrashing as hard as you’re laughing with its insane guitar riffs and irreverent lyrics about this “brave hero, whatever his name is.” There’s plenty of witty wordplay throughout, and it even breaks the fourth wall, adding to the humor. It ends with an amazing guitar solo, but is it enough for our hero to succeed? Make sure to tune in to find out!


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