Ponies At Dawn: Dreamwalkers charity album release party happening today!

The fine horses at P@D recently announced a surprise new charity album! As with their previous charity albums, this is a compilation of previously released music by some of the collective’s regular musicians – this time also featuring songs from past A State of Sugar, Equinity and VibePoniez albums – and is raising money in aid of Save The Children Australia.

The release party is taking place on PonyvilleFM and the Pony Town event server, starting at 2pm EST with some DJ sets from Thunder_Kick and Nicolas Dominique, with the album premiere starting at 4pm, and Bolt closing things off with DJ set afterwards.

You can check out the tracklist and pre-order the album from P@D’s Bandcamp page. To join in the party, listen live on PonyvilleFM, join the PVFM discord server, or hop on to the Pony Town Event Server!


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