VibePoniez – Hearth’s Warming (vol.​2) | Compilation Album

Intro (Emma)

VibePoniez has slowly made a name for themselves as being the chill label that fills all your need for calm and relaxing music, and once again they don’t disappoint! In the following first I and then Arch will present you with two each of the amazing tracks featured on the album!

(continued after the break)

Emma’s tracks:

limbosystem – Still

For this album limbosystem presents us with a lovely and chill track that opens with a soft melody but quickly shifts focus more to a lovely guitar that just pulls you into the track, and soon enough the guitar is joined by a flute melody that really makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Later on we even get some soft vocal hums that really fill out the song. And to finish off we return to the guitar and flute.

PumpkinZeta – Play in the Snow

Pumpkin once again brings us straight EDM fire, well, a calm fireplace rather, but nonetheless amazing! Pumpkin combines lovely synth melodies plus fun and upbeat drums with the chill vibe we all know and love VibePoniz for! The result is a lovely track that I’ll have on repeat for quite some time to just nod along and relax.

Intro (Arch)

Wow! Not only my first ever collab article, (thanks for the invite Emma! ❤ ) but doing it for VibePoniez too! What an absolute banger of an album this is, bringing of course; the vibes… Good stuff, let me tell you. I can assure you that my Hearth’s Warming was wonderful bumping these chill and lovely tunes! Let’s talk about two of them, shall we?

Arch’s tracks:

Darkspeen Shore & Zacstom – Snowpony Thoughts

Aaah, Snowponies… Snowangels, or snowmen, whatever you wish to make out of the Snow! EVERYTHING is possible with it! Such are the wondrous Snowpony Thoughts when playing with the Snow! I’d definitely could see myself grabbing onto my ghetto blaster and pumping this track through the speakers while building, playing, and sleighing! Darkspeen Shore & Zacstom absolutely delivered! Happy to see this track as the Intro.

Tw3Lv3 – au delà des étoiles

The one and only Tw3lv3 bringing us beyond the stars with this track. Imagine stargazing with this wondrous tune on Hearth’s warming eve with a nice lovely cup of hot chocolate! Wouldn’t that be just… a vibe? You bet that this tune is a super clean and lovely synth styled track! Just flowing through the stars, with all the love and energy included! And as Tw3lv3 always does, Tw3lv3 ABSOLUTELY delivers with it! What a pleasure to listen to! Tu es une star toi-même, Tw3lv3! ❤ 


Well, now you’ve heard about four amazing tracks on the album, but there’s more! There’s three times as many tracks on the album, so head over to the Bandcamp and have a listen through them all, check out all the musicians and follow them, and if you got some money to spare throw some at the amazing people who did this and buy the album!


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