Silvr_Scr33n – LittlePip’s Diss Track 2.0 | Hip-Hop

Light Content Warning for swear words, also the fic this is based on is rated Mature on FimFic, so proceed with some caution

Alright, this track came out of nowhere, and dam it goes hard! Almost every single line in this is a reference to the original track, and despite the pretty standard length of just under three and a half minutes this is way more then I can cover in a single article, so I’m just gonna show you some of my favourite bits: The very first line already shows you what’s up, playing around with “Little” Pip and the big bars that are about to follow and the same is continued with wordplay in multiple other spots in between the rapid fire references. During the chorus the counting is panned so as Silvr_Scr33n counts up you’ll hear the numbers “walk” by from one ear to the other. In between the bars there’s a fire instrumental section that’ll blow off your socks if the bars haven’t already done that. Silvr_Scr33n in this track goes from staby rap to almost sung vocals and some in between! And that’s not even close to everything that’s awesome in this track so definitely give this track a listen!


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