Mare in the Rain – Reasons to Live feat. Chaos Angel (Friendship Was Magic pt.2) | Metalcore

We’ve all had a time when we felt weak and lost faith in ourselves, but these pains will fade away only if we choose to remain hopeful. Whether it be for someone special or our future, there is always a reason for us to live freely and pursue what we desire, just like this exuberant metalcore banger “Reasons to Live”. Collaboratively created by Mare in the Rain and ChaosAngel, this energetic tune and its thought-provoking lyrics inspire us to reflect on our life and aspiration. But the scream and growl don’t stop there as an upcoming dramatic twist immediately brings life to this metal masterpiece and releases countless emotions in a billion shades and tones. Regardless of what they are, there are always a million reasons to scream out our dreams, unleash our sentiments, and live the life we want. It is something that keeps us strong, something that keeps us and our dreams alive, and this song has exactly demonstrated such. Give this song a listen if you’re searching for something to spark hope and energy in your life!


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