Filly in the Box – Poison | Neurostep

Super exciting to see a new release from Filly in the Box! The artist plunges further into some fantastic dark and experimental sound design featuring some crawling basslines, really textural FX, and warped out vocals. If you’re a fan of creative productions, this is certainly an artist you want to be keeping up with.


Progressive Element – Legends of Equestria (MrMehster Remix) | Hard House

Having remixed Progressive Element’s track myself, I’m well acquainted with its catchy melodies that help form the foundation for this hard hitting remix from MrMehster, and I’ve got to say, he’s used them pretty well! Injecting his trademark Asian flair, reminding me somewhat of KSHMR’s style, Mehster’s remix is definitely one worth checking out. – EPT



UndreamedPanic – Dark Crystals (R3CTIFIER & StrachAttack Remix) | Electro House

Ayyy the boys are back in town B) Panic’s awesome bass house track from earlier in the year has been re-imagined through the collaborative vision of R3C and Strach who- while maintaining the same house tempo- have kept things fresh with some syncopated bass rhythms and an elaboration on the the implementation of the vocals. Check out all three artists for more great EDM!


FruityFusion – A pink horse has stolen my audioprocessor | Album | EDM

Released last weekend, upcoming player in the EDM pony scene FruityFusion has dropped a massive twenty track long compilation of his recent explorations into a large variety of musical styles. From house to hardcore, catch the full write up below!

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[KM] Nicolas Dominique – Forward | Trance

Another track off the King Mars tribute album, Nicolas presents a very cool, progressive composition which draws from a number of stylistic influences. The track is driven by a steady trance kick which carries the listener forward through an evolving series of atmospheres.


Brodub – Club Mare | House

While admittedly a bit rough around the edges, there’s some cool ideas here and from a producer that you may not be familiar with. The track uses a healthy diversity of synth design and smartly structures itself to sustain its energies. If you’re one of those riding the forefront of the brony EDM scene, be sure to give him a follow so you don’t miss out on future tracks.


Hay Tea – Alternate History | Drum & Bass

Back with another gorgeous drum & bass track, Hay Tea continues ever further with his time travel theme in this latest production. While the sample filtering is pretty straightforward, the instrumentation he’s worked in is so wonderfully uplifting it powerfully carries the track alongside the rolling percussion.