[P@D] Osoch – An Eclipsed Land (feat. Pablo Mono & Chris Wöhrer) | Progressive Metal / Metalcore

Imagine Dream Theater mixed with Killswitch Engage. This song gives off the best feels from both of those iconic bands! Coming from the most recent Ponies at Dawn album, Skyward. A big sensation in brony metal scene, Osoch collaborated with Chris Wöhrer and Osoch’s friend from college, Pablo Mono. An Eclipsed Land is inspired by Fallout Equestria:Project Horizons, and is a great headbanging track for metalheads. The progression of the guitar riffs, mixed with Mono’s clean vocals and Wöher’s growls, make this song a treat and one of the best on Skyward! Good job on this one! Keep it up with the headbanging tunes!

Download or buy Skyward on a bandcamp near you.


[P@D] Blackend Blue – Wrath | Melodic Metalcore

2000’s Metalcore style nostalgia feels are coming with this great track produced by Blackend that it’s featured on the most recent album of Ponies At Dawn – Skyward!
The vocals are on perfection, the lyrics that are about Twilight Sparkle dealing with her inner demons. The breakdown of this song is brutal, I headbanged while listening to this. This surely is a treasure hidden on the entire Ponies At Dawn brand.
Download or buy Skyward on P@D bandcamp.


[P@D] L-Train – Skysurfer | Drum & Bass / Surf Music

Skywards broughts us a lot surprises, one of the biggest ones is L-Train mixing surf music with drum and bass! What a lovely mix! The guitar sounds juicy, and the drum work is incredible.  You did a good job on this one!
Download or buy Skywards on P@D bandcamp.


[P@D] Replacer – Never Die | Art Pop / Indietronica

Classic replacer returns with “Never Die”, a song that is featured on the most recent Ponies At Dawn album! The artwork reminding of Cerulean Blue and the music style reminding us of Song for an Earth Pony. Both two brony music classics! “Never Die” is an amazing song, I really loved it listening to it! Good job on this one Replacer!
Download or buy Skyward on P@D bandcamp!


Djohn Mema & Metal Core Pony – Arrhythmia | Metalcore

When I first read the title I was amazed. Metalcore Pony and Djohn in the same track?! Only quality music would come from this duo. The subject of the song is also something really deep, dealing with our disablities. This time is arrhythmia. It could be any other disease or difficulty.
The song itself is amazing, I love how the atmospheric and raw/angry elements mix together, it gives the song a blackned sound. The screams are well done, and the mixing is pretty good. This song is a treat if you like atmospheric and etheral metalcore. A thing that is very present in Converge’s songs.

Aside – Lunar New Year: Trash3D | Compilation Album | Experimental

The collective is back with a new compilation album, this time for celebrate the Chinese New Year. And the music is more experimental than ever! Full of music mostly using chinese/japanese scales – Featuring music from a lot of artists including Agents of Discord, Cynifree, FrostFyre, Kakofonous A. Dischord, Shuffle Horse, DEFORMED STUUFYSH, Crashie Tunez, Enuna, r_chase and flankƨy!
A mixture of aggressive, calm and experimental! You should grab the album and help the label!


Ataraxia – Anaphora | Electropop / Ambient Pop

Ataraxia brings a 7 minutes progressive and ethreal ambient electropop track with distint relations with some Linkin Park songs from Living Things or A Thousand Suns. The song about King Sombra is an absolutly banger. The deep theme behind the lyrics and the vocal performance of Ataraxia adds more awesomness to the electronic backlash of sounds, a mix of industrial with ambient with even some house elements? I don’t know, I would say that Ataraxia always has a Linkin Park feeling, idk if are the instrumentals or that if his vocals are quite similar to Chester. The powerfull synths at the “chorus” are also pretty deep and emotional.
Anaphora. Greek: ἀναφορά, “carrying back”. Is a rhetorical device that consists of repeating a sequence of words at the beginnings of neighboring clauses, thereby lending them emphasis.
It really reflects on some verses of this specific song! The ones with “I’ll be a path inside your mind”. Good job Ataraxia, you always suprise me!


B!pitryz – Celestia From Hell | Riddim

An astounishing riddim track done by B!pitryz, the wubs are really heavy and the drum performance is also really good. Taking on a concept about Celestia in Hell (that’s really a heavy theme) this new artist manages to come up with a really dark and atmospheric feeling. Check out this artist, and give a lot of love!


Rusty Thorsell – Fields of Phall (For Gears) | Power Pop / Indie Pop

Rusty brings the feels to the town of music with this beautiful ballad bilingual (swedish and english). The Beatles style sound makes this even more beautiful and emotional, aswell with the themes behind the song: our ponysona help us treating the insecurity about ourselfs, it’s amazing how a song can be soo beatiful!
Hope you are all alright, dear readers. And keep up the good work Rusty!



Better late than never! As to be expected with PP releases, viewer discretion may be advised.

HO! HO! HO! It’s that (late) time of the year (basically, Christmas ends on the 6th of January, but anyways), and Pinkamena Party delight us with a new album! Taking the concept of “destroying the birth of Jesus” the Crew created, for me, one of the best Christmas related PP album ever! With the likes of yours truly, Dynamite Grizzly, Schatz, Kakofonous A. Dischord, Supersaw Hoover, r_chase, CopyCat, mycutiemarkisagun and some new faces like Koron Korak with an almost 6 minutes dark ambient track, Drixale and Minty Love. We also have the return of Oyama (PeKaNo), and PERNE (Pernegyre).

All for destroying christmas as we know it, and all for amazing charities!

Download the album at Pinkamena Party’s bandcamp!