Daniel Ingram – Winter Wrap Up (Cosi Remix) | Ambient

Whenever show remixes pop up, there is always that joy heard upon listening. This is definitely an example of that with this revamp of Winter Wrap Up, by Cosi. This does have a cozy atmosphere embodied within and that pony love, which is well embraced. Ambient isn’t a well heard genre in the fandom, as it’s a treat to get tracks like this. There’s a really comforting feeling when listening to this. The instruments that come together, showing how something that is minimal can give a great impact. It can give lovely nostalgia that etches a smile upon your face. This remix is one that makes you feel, love and remember. A must listen for hours upon end, where you get lost inside the gorgeous beauty of it all.


Frozen Night – The Magic of Nature | Epic Ethnic Orchestral

And here we go, ending the journey of the journey that feels to grand to end. There is something just too magical perhaps about this. The way it’s done makes it so that you’re just so enveloped into & invested into each single journey & almost taken along. A very solemn & calm intro to then build up slowly, to take it to the end. The strings shine in here a lot in the intro & they do bring together everything. It just keeps building & getting better & giving a non-ending round of chills. There’s just so many parts to this, the little parts that all come together to create a cohesive journey & a well enjoyable second is lived through. The leading instruments coming in, while the bells & the chimes which transition well with the snare proving the rhythm that blends in with everything else. The strings then just shine so much, or is that brass? Nonetheless it’s beyond fantastic. 2:13, the strings, the harp plucks, just the contrast of energy & slow bits are done with purpose & are done so well that they carry the song forward, that they make the journey a journey that has it’s ups & downs & is seen all the way through, because it has to be. 3:07 The energy right here, I can’t evennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. 3:25, the energy is just building up so much here & it’s done so well. The rhythm is gorgeous & just the way the instruments play their parts & shine when they do. I could say more, but let’s just say that this is HANDS down my favorite from the EP. It has so much movement to it & there is just so much to love about this. The way it’s done, the dynamics, the feeling you get when you listen to this! Through the whole EP, I’d definitely say I’d hear this live first. Your music is so well done & just makes me gush at the ability that this fandom has. Stellar job on this WHOLE EP & this song too. ❤

The album is available for download on Bandcamp.


FruityFusion – Rundown | Electronic / Midtempo

Always love FruityFusion’s work & ability to make out of the box sounding tracks! This track is always moving around & I adore how that’s handled. A really pretty intro with reverbed elements & backing fx to then fade into the main bassline is pretty clever & delivers the flow of this track. This is the sort of stuff you don’t hear much in the fandom & I love it a lot. Especially that great main bass throughout the song. A really great track worth checking out!


fractilx – dr. whooves & luvin’ | Chillout

This track is a wonderful thing. From the very start it has the atmosphere set in stone & the bells that come in are something to grin about. The track progresses really nicely & has a great rhythm to it provided by the percussion! There is a wonderful contrast between the really mellowed out bits with pads, as also a section where everything is present, to give a beautiful vibe towards it!


Daniel Ingram – Best Friends Until the End of Time (OhPonyBoy Remix) | House

A cute remix of an adorable song! I always love OhPonyBoy’s distinct style. This remix is something that you can just listen to & forget about everything else. This definitely puts you in a great state of mind & puts a big grin on your face. A great way to continue the amazing endless remixes of this song!!!!


The Living Tombstone – Discord | Moombahcore

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, this remix song is sooooo good. I love the melody in here & the drums are so punchy. The way the vocals are used are fantastic & make me feel good when “discord’ comes. INOESFNSEOINONOIGE. BUT WHEN THE VOCAL CHOP BITS COME, I LOVE THAT A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. It’s really iconic & then the backing kind of pluck thing the best part is THE MAIN MELODY. A reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly cool remix that is

iawonoiawhdoiwa ahhhhhh


TCB – Keys & Cuts EP | Electronic

Hearing a new song from TCB is fantastic enough, but having an entire EP is quite the treat. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but it really has a perfect variety of songs that all contain really unique vocal chops! I love the fact that there are vocal chops of characters you don’t hear vocal chops of often in here, really makes each song iconic! Read more about it after the break.

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Jyc Row & Francis Vace feat. IbeCo – Celestial Berserkers (Dr. R4MS Remix) | Bounce

It’s not often that you hear melbourne in the fandom, and it’s really done well in Dr. R4MS’ remix of Celestial Berserkers! The use of the guitar from the original is perfect & has elements from the original, while creating a new feel on its own. The progression of the whole remix is stellar & the percussion that shines in the second drop gives it more richness that makes the song as a whole sound really clean. A wonderful remix done by Dr. R4MS!


HoriXZ0n & Mantlegen – Folds Beyond Supersymmetry | Electro House

This is one collab that is sure to be addictive. HoriXZ0n & Mantlegen come together to create this fantastic electro house track that has an overall energetic atmosphere that continues and varies throughout. The mix of HoriXZ0n’s electro style & plucks, along with Mantegen’s vibrato leads are a wonderful combination that create a fun track!