Aelipse – Racing the Wind | Orchestral

There is plenty of chill, orchestral melodies with this track! The music in this one is rather upbeat and definitely pleasant, with the aforementioned orchestral music as well as some piano in the background, and some guitar at the beginning. I’d say the song really fits the title!


Jess Furman, Ethan Roberts, and Lauren Dyson – Pony Life Theme Song (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

It’s basically tradition for pony songs to get Eurobeat remixes, and of course, with Pony Life having such an energetic theme song, it was inevitable for it to get remixed as well! This short track does just that, remixing the theme song with some epic Eurobeat music. The original lyrics mix very well with the new music, and the track is way faster than the original, making this a fun track overall!


Noc – Empty Horizons | Original Audiobook Soundtrack | Soundtrack / Orchestral

I’d first like to preface this write-up by saying how much I love fanfiction, like almost as much as brony music, and that I’m reading Empty Horizons now and so far it’s really good. So, onto the album! It’s a soundtrack to an audiobook, which I’ve never really seen before. There are 15 awesome tracks on here, and each one is distinct and memorable. There are some really cinematic tracks, like the Main Theme and Twilight Falls, and string-heavy tracks like Rarity’s Theme, but all the tracks, in general, are packed with passion and emotion, and overall they all add to the vibe of the story.


Tw3Lv3 – Solitude | Drum & Bass / Hip-Hop

This is certainly a unique track! This song, from Tw3Lv3’s recent album Fluid, has an interesting mix of Drum ‘n Bass, hip/hop, and electronic music, that makes the track feel both energetic and chill. There’s also a level of consistency in this track, and the speed of the music is never slowed, save for the hip/hop bits at the beginning, middle, and end. Overall, this is a fun and catchy track!


GeekBrony – Era of Grogar | Trance

Using voice-clips from the season 9 villains, this Grogar themed track brings you some epic electronic trance music, with consistent energy and quickness throughout the whole thing! Not to mention that the Grogar theme definitely fits with the track’s music, with the voice-clips playing into that whole Grogar feel.


RedSpark – Revival | Orchestral

Where to begin? I guess I’ll start with how good this music is (believe me, it’s really good!): It’s powerful, it’s energetic, and, it has this vibe of what I can only describe as “grandeur.” This track also has hints of nordic-sounding music near the beginning and end, which definitely helps contribute to the aforementioned vibe. Overall, this is a beautiful piece of orchestral!


RedSpark – Daring | Orchestral

I absolutely love soundtrack-esque tracks and music, and this piece is no different! This track sounds like it came straight from an adventure movie, with the energetic orchestral music fitting with Daring Doo’s whole vibe. Basically, I’d say a good word for this song would be “EPIC.”


Daniel Ingram – The Magic Inside (PonyBoy441 Remix) | Melodic Dubstep

This show-song needs no introduction, with it being (in my opinion, of course!) one of the best and most memorable from Season 5. This fun remix gives new energy to the track with some epic wubs in the new dubstep music, but keeps with the emotional backdrop of the track by having the original piano parts, which mixes very well with the new music, making for a fantastic remix!


Altius Volantis – Walk In Dreams (Melanie’s Dream Theme) | Chillout

With this short and sweet track, you’ll get some absolutely epic nighttime vibes, with some slow keyboard starting it off, and continuing through the song, eventually joining with some electronic, kind-of synthy music, making the whole chillout atmosphere of this OC theme-song track shine!


[ASOS] Single Purpose – Protector Of Dreams | Future Garage / Drum & Bass

I absolutely love ASOS: Brownie and all of its awesome tracks, including this one! This song’s music is really chill, with drum and bass elements, some electronic elements, and a lot of ambience, which all compliment each other incredibly! Basically, this track is catchy, rhythmic, chill, and absolutely amazing!