One Track Mind – Ends EP | Darkwave / Synthwave

This album is packed with emotion, vibes, bops and bangers, and great songs, and everything else one would need for a brilliant album! The music covers a lot of ground, from quick, energetic hard-hitting electronic songs, like Love & Tolerate, G1GGL3, and Tartarus, to a more chill and trance-y sound, like in tracks like Intermittence and Interlude. The different tracks mix well together, and give the album a unique feel and sound. With seven epic tracks on here, there’s something that everypony can enjoy. I absolutely loved this album, and I’m sure you will as well!


CAPT – Rest | Drum & Bass

The vibes! This track honestly surprised me: it’s simultaneously chill and energetic! Inspired by the fantastic art piece in the video, it starts with rain sound effects as the music builds up, which sets the tone as nice and chill. But once the music picks up, it gets more energetic, and I couldn’t help but tap my foot to it! These two elements compliment each other very well, and make for a great song!


Vale & Fl0 – Hyper! Twilight-chan | Happy Hardcore

This track is a great example of one of my favorite types of pony music! It’s a short and sweet happy hardcore song focusing on the Princess of Friendship herself, Twilight, and it has that classic pony song sound/vibe that I just love, complete with Twilight voice samples from the show (and a few anime ones too)! Overall, it’s a wonderful song and fun to listen to!


Songbird Choir – Firelight Dance | World Music

I love it when a character from the show gets some fandom love, especially one that got comparatively less screen time! This track is focused on Mistmane, and let me tell you, it’s packed with creativity and fantastic music! The music itself is very unique, and a blast to listen to; catchy bass drum and traditional Asian music, and some piano towards the end all mix together perfectly to make a great song!


SpinScissor – Boutique Fire | Alternative Electronic

This song is definitely something special! Indeed, I think it’s at the heart of what I believe makes this fandom what it is: creativity; imagination; uniqueness. With this song, you can expect to hear a variety of sounds and music. It starts out with a keyboard intro at the beginning setting the stage of the track, followed by synth and electronic music, vocals, and brought together by a steady tempo. All of these elements come together to make a great RPG video game-sounding track!


Elias Frost – Equallektiv | Hybrid Orchestral

I’ve always found Starlight to be one of the most interesting characters in the latter half of the show. This track, I think, reflects that interesting character of hers really well. Much like Starlight’s character arc, this song has (for lack of a better term) phases. At the start of the track, the listener is greeted with a dark opening. The music starts out quiet, and as the first half of the track progresses, the music picks up in speed and volume. After this dark tone-setter, the track shifts into its next phase: with a quick vocal segment reciting Starlight’s cutie mark propaganda, the track takes on a quicker, orchestral sound. Complete with guitar, and more glim vocal segments, you’ve got yourself a great piece of music!


Fetlocked & Char – Flutter’s Bane | Electro / Chillout

Prepare for the vibes from this one! This rather chill track centered around everyone’s favorite shy pony, Fluttershy, is another track that reminds me of older Brony tunes. From the overall presentation to the pony voice samples used throughout the song, this track is sure to get emotions going! The song itself is filled with the aforementioned vibe, with nice percussion elements, as well as electronic and other elements that really make the song a pleasant thing to listen to!


Daniel Ingram – Awesome As I Wanna Be (Budzy Remix) | Happy Hardcore

Time for an Equestria Girls remix! This track starts out with a thick electronic drum segment, setting a fun and energetic tone for the song. The track quickly ramps up after the drum intro, with more bopping music and the mixing in of the original vocals from Dash herself! The whole song in general is just packed full of energy, and kind of reminds me of early fandom music, which is definitely a good thing!


InfinityDash – Decade of Dreams | Chillout / Downtempo

As I’m sure everyone knows by now in this fandom, the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM just recently occurred! What better way to celebrate it than with some awesome brony music? In this track, expect a positively chill experience, composed of electronic music, backed up with smooth drum beats. The song itself has a late-night mood to it, which, in my opinion, really adds to the festive anniversary feel. Overall, expect chill vibes from this awesome track!


StableTwoStallion – Alles Gehört Mir | Industrial Metal

Cozy Glow song! This epic track is made up of heavy industrial metal, with classic industrial guitar, drums, and of course, the deep and hard-hitting vocals. With this track, the lyrics are in German, and it’s inspired by the likes of Rammstein and Eisbrecher, to give you another idea of the music style! Overall, this is a really good track if you like industrial and heavy stuff!