Skelter – The Other Side (feat. Musica Note) | Chill Trap

Oh damn, Skelter entering the game with a Banger like Beat such as this! I really like the background voice and the drop! this is bombing! The other side brings a uplifting vibe unto the listener and so its a pleasure to bump this! Nice work Skelter! I hope to see more of you! And Musica, you did great as well!


Vylet Pony – Elysium | Alternate Electronic / Indie Pop

Man this song brings in the Feelings along with Beautiful and Outstanding vibes! I am honest in this track is my favourite from the Album! This track just brings, so much enlightment in me that I instantly feel Motivated to write Music! The story involved with this is that Satyrn & Vylet a Journal that leads-up to a Meteorite that was found in Saddle-Arabia. Is another adventure setting itself up? Will we see more badassery from Satyrn, Vylet, and the whole crew of the Starship Ponyville? Because legit, the Story is wonderful! And it would be amazing to see it expand more and more! Just as the track itself feels so wonderfully Adventurous! I’ll gladly withstand another Epilepsy attack to feel and witness it! And here’s to more write-ups from Homeward!


Envy – The Herd Lives On | Hardstyle

Envy (Also known as Cosine Pitchshifterz the man, the legend.) has brought us another dope Hardstyle track! (as his Forté) This time however, paying tribute to the fandom with a bouncy but none the less heartwarming track bringing us a Message we all need to hear; That we are still here. And we are still doing this! For and by all of us! and that nothing of this will suddenly stop! (Including HMH, we will still be here!) Rejoice my Brothers, Sisters, and Theysters, the Herd Lives on! Long live G4! and nice work Envy!


Koron Korak – A Gift of Friendship (feat. Makenshi) | Orchestral / Progressive

This song arose from a fun challenge from Koron to Makenshi to use the instruments HE choose! What came out of that challenge, was this Music piece! Resembling the wonderful weather sky with these Instruments with each to their own composition. A fun challenge that brought forward a wonderful track among friends and we are truly blessed that we may share their Magic! It’s also alot of fun to finally tag Kenshi on Twitter with this post! and Koron again my friend; You slayed! ❤ love you guys!


Eniix – A Little Shy | House

Eniix dropping a wonderful remaster of the track Fluttershy’s Dream! As a huge Fluttershy fan, this remaster truly pleases my ears. ❤ I love how the melody literaly transfers you into her dreams and creates a wonderful and heartwarming melodic adventure to enjoy! I love how the track uses both synthwaves and house vibes! Well done Eniix! Fluttershy is proud of you! Thank you for representing her wonderful dream! ❤


Arabesque Sympony – Rainbow Rocks (Covering Daniel Ingram) (feat. Drummershy & Danilo Pantusa) | Rock


Arabesque, Drummershy, and Danilo have teamed up for an awesome cover of Rainbow Rocks! I really enjoy it next to the movie itself of course. 🙂 And I even dare say its one of the most enjoyable covers I’ve heard in some time. Its very joyful and melodic! And I most definitely recommend a listen! You don’t wanna miss out on this sick release! Rock on everyone! And to all involved with this cover; You make Daniel proud! ❤


Everfree Sovereign – Forgot About Flow | Rap / HipHop

I’m gonna go in this write-up with keepin’ it real with ya’ll; It takes a lot of courage to spit on a Dr. Dre Beat. Since to me also, his beats have a high standard class to me. And therefore, I keep stuff real when people spit on classic beats. But this duo consisting of Genesis & D.imotion, representing Everfree Sovereign in da house, have performed a marvelous parody track of this Classic! S/O to Rhyme Flow! A smooth flow over this classic chill beat with some dope Pony references, I like this! Genesis & Diz both slayin’ it with the Flow. and with a powerful message to all of the skeptics;

Pony Music is still here.

❤ great work everyone! ❤ show some love fam!


Vylet Pony & Sylver – Swarm (feat. The Living Tombstone & KLRX) | Dubstep

In this song from Homeward (Link here), Satyrn is doing her Epic stand Against the Swarm. This is a Thrill and a Warming composition that translates itself to tell a part of the Story that is a very Desperate and Nerve-wrecking Experience. and you can most Definitly feel that within this super fluent and smooth Track! The switch truly is amazing from the Intensity to the Calm parts, this truly represents doing the last stand and fight against the coming storm so others can get away and Escape… with EVERYTHING you’ve got. Satyrn is a Badass. And so is this Track!
With several amazing artists doing their part for this track aswell! YES, I’m talking to ya’ll Tombstone, Sylver, Namii (Bless you), and KLRX! You all rocked it! ❤ keep up the great work!


RoomVR – Winter’s Embrace | Orchestral

RoomVR always knows how to bring in the Vibes. Every melody Room plays, I can feel it. This track of Room, being no exception offcourse. Winter has come, but this time with the chill and good feelings and Melodies, (And no scary Medieval Skeleton zombies who try to eat you Alive.) The pure emotion behind all these beautifull melodies really create a wonderfull atmosphere worth listening too! such is the way of RoomVR, who always manages to create this kind beauty! ❤


UndreamedPanic – 10k Sub Special Mix ~ Songs Not Uploaded To YouTube | House / Trance

UndreamedPanic da Mad-Manic is back At It with da radio Static, da good music making Habit that’ll make you trip on Acid forget your Medicine Cabit ‘cuz this stuff is Fantastic and maaaan Am I excited for this! I extend my congratulations to Panic for his fantastic and marvelous work that got him 10K subscribers! He deserves to be Famous with the fantastic music productions he does and I am happy I can write a HMH post for him! As it was an honor to collab with him multible times! (Now that I mention it, HELP PANIC GET TO BRONYCON! He deserves it to be there!)
I hope you guys will enjoy this mix as I enjoyed writing about it, There’s alot of good techno, house, and wubs in there!