MelodyBrony – I’m Not Gay (feat. Acouste Wholenote and Blackened Blue) (Covering PrinceWhateverer & Djohn Mema) | Pop Punk

Lol! What a way to revive an absolute fandom CLASSIC!! The original parody of My Chemical Romance’s “I’m Not Okay” took the fandom by storm last year, and this cover does a great job of keeping the energy going! The more instrumental focus makes for a wild and new experience, especially if you liked the original. I do wonder how Slightly Amiss feels about this… I love this fandom XD just remember: it’s not gay 😉


Power Note – Cauchemar | Midtempo

A dark and powerful track from Power Note, something new from them, this song goes incredibly hard, with an enormous snare and some incredible basses. The Nightmare Moon samples add so much to the atmosphere, really outlining the fear and darkness captured in the song. It looks like more Midtempo will come from Power Note in the future, so stay tuned!


[P@D] NeverLastStanding – Fire Heart | Electro House

This incredibly powerful track from P@D: Ignite is one of my favorites, a shining example of the mastery of emotion and sound design held by NeverLastStanding. The strong basses and classic vocal chops evoke a flame, a passion, something powerful and driving and inspiring. Any time you feel your flame dwindling, listen to this song, and push yourself forward.


[P@D] TCB – Friends Can Change The World VIP | Indie Dance

“And the more who understand how powerful friendship is… the stronger we will all be.”

TCB evokes a powerful message in his P@D track, a message more important now than ever before. With the vocal chops creating sweet melodies of love and friendship, and his sounds creating huge emotional impacts, this song is one to remember. Friends can change the world. So hold your friends tight, show them this song, and press on…



Daniel Ingram – Open Up Your Eyes (Brilliant Venture Remix) (feat. Koa) | Dubstep

What a PERFECTLY timed release from Brilliant Venture! I remember hearing whispers about something like this in the works, but I was BLOWN AWAY by this one! The classic Brilliant Venture dubstep sound is joined by the absolutely gorgeous vocal work of Koa, who does a fantastic job of performing what sounds to be an extended version of Open Up Your Eyes! The extended lyrics are written by Venture, and do a wonderful job of expanding on the anger and despair felt by Tempest regarding her past. A brilliant (wink wink) performance by two amazing artists, definitely worth a listen (or two! or four!!)


[P@D] Forest Rain – The Spark Overture | Pop Ballad

This song made me tear up at the release party, and every time, I still get close to tears; Forest Rain has once again perfectly captured the love I think we all share of the magical land of Equestria. With the masterful use of motifs sprinkled throughout the song, and other technical tidbits such as incredibly emotional dynamics, she draws out a level of emotion in me that I haven’t felt in quite some time, and it’s wonderfully refreshing. I also can’t get over the absolute beauty that is her voice, covering such a wide range of expression. A masterpiece of a track, indeed.
The track is available as part of P@D Ignite.


RoomVR – Kyradeen’s Melody EP | Piano Solo / Ambient

I am writing this as I experience the EP as a whole for the first time. I have been so excited for this for so long <33 ahhh this intro, so innocent and exploratory, and so evocative, classic RoomVR style ❤ once the lower notes of the piano begin to move, you really start to feel it! And the ambience of the Gentle seaside Breeze just calms your soul and begs you to relax and enjoy it. aaahhh, and when Peace and Quiet comes in, it just washes over you so smoothly ❤ This track was featured on the recent Ponies At Dawn album, Ignite. It’s such a beautiful, uplifting, peaceful seaside melody, just makes you want to get your hooves in the sand and go for a walk! I absolutely love the way she’s able to constantly keep the listener’s attention, even with simply a piano and an ocean ❤ And now as the sun sets, the Orange Skies grasp the listener, using a really beautiful, unique chord structure, adding a little density and color, while still maintaining that wonderfully peaceful RoomVR vibe! as an aside, please note how adorable Kyradeen is!!! Roomie’s OC is just the cutest thing <3333 AH AND NOW THE SUN SETS!!! These ambient pads and strings make their first appearance in this EP, and they could not be more welcome! Lush and inviting, and cool, I can feel the breeze cooling as the heat of the sun dissipates, now below the horizon, and the moon begins to show her face ❤ To wrap up, we’ll Reminisce on the wonderful evening we just experienced… and what a beautiful evening it was! I can imagine lil Kyradeen wandering around, watching the sun set, listening to the sounds of the ocean and the birds flying overhead…

This EP is one I have anticipated for a long time, and one I cannot wait to purchase and own for myself! (you should too!) I’m so glad to see this lovely girl back from hiatus, and I look forward to so much more <3333


Daniel Ingram – Light of Your Cutie Mark (Budzy Remix) | Happy Hardcore

Yes yes yes yes!!! More happy hardcore!! It’s always a blessing to see this in the fandom, I feel it captures that pure and passionate emotion of the show sooo well! And hearing this tune from Budzy absolute made my day ❤ The chops are simple and driving and addictive, and the lead!! The lead just hooks you in!! Ahh, this song is such a beautiful showcase of the passion and love and drive of not only the CMC, but the fandom too! Thank you for blessing us with this wonderful tune, Budzy!