Chasing Dawn – One | Chill Pop

I absolutely adore this new track from Chasing Dawn!!! Octavia x Vinyl Scratch has been a staple of this fandom for as long as I can remember, and hearing a song about it brings me so much joy! The instrumental is very chill and airy, classic to the Chasing Dawn sound, but it has a bit of that extra drive that you’d expect from a Vinyl song, and I adore that! The lyrics are a magical journey themselves, telling the story of the beautiful love between two ponies with such different lives. I can’t wait for the next tune!

[ASOS] Cynifree – What Lies Beyond (eksoka Remix) | Chillstep

I am consistently astounded by the quality of music that eksoka produces. From all of their ASoS tracks, to the Origins EP I dowloaded last year, to this masterpiece, I am always vigorously transported to an entirely separate dimension. The soundscape is simply sublime, and everything takes its time in revealing itself, keeping me hooked at every moment and every transition.
Cynifree’s original track came with its own beautiful soundscapes and Flutterchops, and eksoka keeps the integrity of this, taking the whole musical world one step higher with absolutely euphoric drops and heavenly percussion. An incredibly solid performance from both artists. Enjoy!
This track is from the upcoming A State of Sugar Waffle.

[Equinity] GrazySmash – Magic Energy | Psytrance

Where do I begin with this absolute banger from the new Equinity album? GrazySmash is relatively new to the brony music scene, but man, is he smashing his way in! The bass in this track absolutely drives the whole thing, keeping the listener moving and grooving, wishing it would never end. Someone said the fandom needs more psytrance, and suddenly, here we are. All in all? Stellar. Can’t wait for more from this wonderful artist.

[P@D] PegasYs – Dental Damn VIP (feat. Midnight Melody & TheMusicReborn) | Glitch-Hop

What a wonderful track from the latest installment of the Ponies at Dawn saga! This VIP of one of PegasYs‘ most iconic tracks really showcases some of the depth of talent in this fandom, from the catchy, boppin’ bass guitar from Midnight Melody, to the jazzy trumpet licks from TheMusicReborn, to the deep neuro basses in the drop. All in all, a wonderful, inclusive track sure appeal to both musicians and listeners alike.


Jupiter Maroon – Daring | Electro

What an exciting new release from Jupiter Maroon! It takes the listener on a long and winding journey with the famous hero Daring Do, with unexpected twists and turns at every phrase. Follow her through a gentle walk in the forest, an intense battle with Caballeron, a tense mission to retrieve a precious artifact. The different soundscapes truly provide this to the listener, and even more. I can’t wait until the next adventure!


Daniel Ingram – A Changeling Can Change (Toby Macarony Remix) | Orchestral

This masterpiece from Toby Macarony is truly an exquisite work of art. The musical expression is incredibly apparent, and the phrasing is riveting. Just as the listener thinks they know what to expect, a new turn is taken, and the audience is reeled in once again. The emotional aspect is just as fascinating; and now I will shed a tear and say I do, in fact, believe a changeling can change.