TheBluishPony – RariHentai | Progressive Trance

hmh not for kids

Even though there’s technically nothing explicit or NSFW in this song, as it is only sampling the official Korean dub of MLP, the end result still has… questionable vocals, to say the least! So you’ve been warned, this is only suitable for certain ears! If you are fit to listen, check it out along the usual writeup after the break!

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[ASOS] Paloris – A Complete Breakfast | Chillout

Yet another ASoS: Waffle track; this time it’s Paloris with track 22 (the second of their two submissions to the album), A Complete Breakfast! Fitting name; this could easily be a good piece of music to start the day with, whether you’re waking up and eating breakfast or walking down the street in the morning. It starts out with typical sounds you’d expect to hear in the morning, such as a clock ticking and the distant chirping of birds, all set to a chilled beat consisting of a soft xylophone melody, a bitcrushed synth melody (which really reminds me of the GameCube menu theme, oddly enough) and neatly placed drum samples, some of which were made from Paloris’ mouth! Hopefully this will become a great addition to your morning routine.


Tw3Lv3 – Old Vibes | Lo-fi

If Tw3Lv3 was capable of producing anything bad, I don’t know what I’d do. Once again, he’s made an enjoyable lo-fi beat with a vintage sample, only this time with the addition of 8-bit chiptune sounds! Coupled with footage of the fantastic 2011 fangame Story of the Blanks as a visual, it makes for a great and nostalgic listening experience. Tw3Lv3 wants there to be more lo-fi music in the fandom, and if it sounds like this, then I’m on board!


Toby Macarony – Silver Zoom | Electronica

Toby’s back, with another one of his unique genre-defying tunes! Starting out with just a catchy bassline, it quickly grows into an equally catchy and bouncy banger with cheery synths and a quick pace, interspersed with emotional echo-y stabs and strong, arpeggiated keyboard sounds. Here’s a challenge: see how long you can last in a staring contest with the titular character, Silver Zoom. Bet you can’t beat him! *squee*


Koron Korak – Faraway A Light | Synthwave

Koron Korak returns with another unique piece to add to his equally unique collection of music! 2 years in the making, this is a synthwave track that takes on a handful of different moods, with one section taking on a hopeful feeling, while the next takes on a darker tone while keeping the 80s-inspired aesthetic all the way through alongside sprinkles of Queen Chrysalis voice samples. He’s stated that this song was made through channelling emotions, and it shows well.


D1SCORDANT – Balefire Dawn | Ambient

Can’t stop the D1SCORDANT train now, can we? This time, we’ve got something a little different: an ambient piece inspired by the legendary Fallout: Equestria! The feeling of being in a desolate wasteland definitely comes across throughout this track, with ominous strings accompanied with bongo drums and sparse piano notes all throughout, keeping the mood bleak and depressing. An easy fit into a game soundtrack, and a welcome addition to the D1SCORDANT discography.


Steryotype – HoldTheLine | Lo-fi

Pone beat producer Steryotype returns to the fold with a very serene lo-fi piece. Though short, it sets a good mood with a vintage sample as its foundation with prominent record sounds and a soft drum beat. This is a good track to relax to, or if you need some background music to help you through the day. It’ll also be available as part of his upcoming EP, Lofi Pon, coming September 13th!


TCB – The Empress of Friendship (EFNW19 Edit) | Metalstep


Friendship is power, and so is this song! TCB returns with another edit of the original song from the 2018 PVCF Convention Album, this time reserved for this year’s Everfree Northwest. While the song hasn’t changed much from its original form, it’s been given a new coat of paint with an updated intro with a new menacing lead guitar track while still keeping the familiar Cozy Glow voice samples. Give it a spin!