Thrack – Ballad of an Earth Pony | Folk

Thrack has emerged this year not only as a solid drummer, but also a funny and talented songwriter! This folksy, acoustic ballad is equal parts humorous as it is catchy as Thrack sings of the paradoxes of trying to be a pirate while dealing with the limitations of earth ponies. The syncopation is snappy and guarantees you’ll be singing along long after the song has ended!


Forest Rain – Great to be Different (feat. Decibelle) [10th Anniversary] | Soft Rock/Ballad

A lot changes over ten years time. People grow and change, cartoons come and go, schools get built and new rulers are brought to power, but the beauty and impact of one of the cornerstones to the early fandom music scene never wanes. Forest Rain celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the release of her love letter to Derpy with this updated masterpiece which enlists the help of over 10 fandom musicians, including the voice of Derpy from the original track, Decibelle. So much time has passed, yet the impact and beauty of a single moment is just as beautiful and mesmerizing today as it was in 2012.

Luck Rock – Between the Stars and the Sea (feat. RadRiveter) | Pop Ballad

Luck Rock’s “Between the Stars and the Sea” is musical storytelling straight from the heart.  Lyrical beauty paired with conversational-style vocals and pared-down instrumentation highlight the heart’s search for meaning, purpose, and guidance originating from someone or something beyond ourselves.  The stars hold forth the hope of eternity and guiding light from above, while the sea’s drifting depths and punishing waves call these into question.  Luck Rock’s almost journalistic-style lyrics help us realize that we’re not alone in our quest for meaning, purpose, and light from above and encourage us to keep looking up when feeling caught between the stars and the sea.