Noizepon – Defpon-1 | Gabber

It’s like a fast change… first the party then hell on earth.

Two creative minds in the experimental/hard music scene in the brony fandom, Phoxi/PVNK and NextLevelDerp joined forces to create an alias called Noizepon, a wild adventure we have when we listen to this track. This track really amazed me, the high distortion and the aggressiveness of the sound and texture makes this track one of the best Gabber songs ever put by a brony, outside Pinkamena Party! This all in 2-track EP that will melt your ears with awesomeness and destruction! Good job both of you!


[PTY] アイスベア – スパイクブレーク! | Breakcore

Ice Bear does it again! Coming from the Ponies That Yawn compilation of 2017, Inkling gives us a really trippy and psychedelic breakcore track. The breaks were well done and the synths were amazing! I love every bit of it! Good job! Download Ponies That Yawn: Juxtaposition Defenders on PTY’s bandcamp!


Rusty – Duality | “Experimental-ish”

Rusty’s already a very experimental musician, but this song goes a little deeper and a little weirder into that sort of production technique. The general feel of the song makes me think it could fit in to some kind of horror musical, but it’s Rusty’s sampling techniques that bring out the experimentation. The middle section of the song also breaks down a lot of convention and adds another different, eerier sound to the song.