[P@D] Silva Hound & StrachAttack – Punk Rocks (feat. Namii) | Electro House / Progressive House

Ponies at Dawn is back baby! It’s back with another dope stream of tracks and waves of talent – A tidal wave really! Punk Rocks features the talent of Silva, Strach, and Namii. They all truly outperformed themselves with this collaboration and it is legit an honor to write my first HMH article for Skyward with this track! Namii sings with wonderful vocals, while Strach and Silva bring in the hard party vibes! The track is very uplifting and delivers on its desire to get the party started! I love this track, and everybody slayed on it! Well done everybody, keep it up! ❤


[P@D] John Kenza – Life Box | Melodic House/Trance

John Kenza’s new song Life Box is full of his trademark melodies and sounds. The gentle tunes fill me with serene joy. Listening to this song makes me think of Rainbow Dash soaring through the clouds, free as can be.

Download or buy Skyward on P@D bandcamp.


[P@D] Silva Hound & loophoof – Pink Out | Electro House / Bounce

Another Ponies at Dawn album, another batch of Silva Hound collabs! This time, surprisingly enough, he turns to loophoof for some help and it turns out wonderfully! Silva’s signature house grooves, penchant for catchy leads, and atmospheric buildups are an amazing companion for loop’s patented vocal samples and creation of cohesive melodies chopping them. One to get you really jumping, this is definitely a tune I expect to hear at live events in the future.


Daniel Ingram – Flawless (Eurobeat Brony Remix) | Eurobeat

After nearly three years, a brand new Super Ponybeat remix has risen! The true brony music OG graces our ears once more with a healthy serving of everything we’ve come to expect from him: an extremely catchy hook to accompany the Mane Six’s chorus, crazy synth leads, a subtly frantic bassline, and an energetic driving rhythm that complements the ponies’ verses perfectly. Flawless remixes are usually very high quality, and this is no exception. Here’s hoping Eurobeat Brony can bless us with a few more tunes before the show’s end!

Below is an additional review by fellow writer Cynifree!
Start of Cynifree’s review
It’s been over half a year since we had a Eurobeat Brony track, and this time around we get a very energetic take on Flawless. Odyssey is a king of the genre so you can expect those iconic screaming leads with a pumping bassline and all in all its just a really, REALLY fun remix to listen to!
End of Cynifree’s review


Agents of Discord, Sasha Lace – Friendship is Magic (Remastered Mix) | Experimental House


A driving force behind the experimental label, Agents of Discord is back at it with a remastered version of an old track, dedicated to the theme song of the show. Friendship is Magic has a variety of sections ranging from the house-y synth and bass driven melody, to bell-centric parts, and even a techno-style ending, with each part focusing in some regard as a tribute to the opening theme. While experimental in nature, the track is nevertheless pleasing to listen to and always interesting despite being a longer song!


Forgiveness & Anguish – Another Day Away | Future Garage / Chillout

Its been nearly two years since I last heard from Forgiveness & Anguish and Another Day Away comes in with a dissonant and mysterious atmosphere with an impeccable sound stage and I absolutely adore the percussive low end energy that glues it all together. This is a very professional and unique sounding track and its an awesome way to re-enter after so many days away!