Budzy – Marshmallow (Silva Hound Edit) | Future House

Some years after the release of Budzy’s excellent and bouncy Marshmallow (the tune that made me personally take notice of Budzy’s talent), the great Silva Hound’s edit of it has been released! The original is enhanced by Silva’s signature style of various synth and key arrangements, with some extra flavor from Dress Horse’s signature song, Becoming Poplar, being added to the mix. This one is definitely a great DJ tool, as well as a solid edit!


Daniel Ingram – We’re Friendship Bound (Zizkil Remix) | French House

Starlight and Trixie’s Best Friends relationship will never stop doing sparkling magic, and Zizkil pays much tribute to our beloved mares and their friendship with a French House take on the highly-praised We’re Friendship Bound from S08E19 Road to Friendship! Absolute funky-ness along the irresistible original vocals make for a stunning and emotional trip on this musical and magical road!


UndreamedPanic – 10k Sub Special Mix ~ Songs Not Uploaded To YouTube | House / Trance

UndreamedPanic da Mad-Manic is back At It with da radio Static, da good music making Habit that’ll make you trip on Acid forget your Medicine Cabit ‘cuz this stuff is Fantastic and maaaan Am I excited for this! I extend my congratulations to Panic for his fantastic and marvelous work that got him 10K subscribers! He deserves to be Famous with the fantastic music productions he does and I am happy I can write a HMH post for him! As it was an honor to collab with him multible times! (Now that I mention it, HELP PANIC GET TO BRONYCON! He deserves it to be there!)
I hope you guys will enjoy this mix as I enjoyed writing about it, There’s alot of good techno, house, and wubs in there!


Toby Macarony – Drifting off to Sleep | Electro Swing


Toby Macarony always delivers something entirely unique, and this spooky groove is in a league all of its own! The upbeat swing-style mixed with nightmarish Sweetie Belle chops makes for an exhilarating sound. There is a break in the middle that shifts to a slower, half-tempo that really drives home the terror in the track. Drifting off to Sleep has a wide appeal for anyone who enjoys electro house, electro swing, or just scary-themed music, but be warned: the imagery is a bit dark as well!


Drixale – Shine On | House

Emerging brony House music label PonyChord presents us their first release, and what better way to kick off the channel than with a very pony track from the one and only Drixale! The multi-genre music explorer went with a multi-pony theme for this one, or rather, a track centered around a whole episode and featuring the voices of Rarity, Fluttershy, and Photo Finish. If that trio rings a bell to you, you might have guessed it, it’s about S01E20 Green Isn’t Your Color! The classy House instrumental is so fitting and amazingly completes the pony samples, and the whole musical pony experience is such a bliss!


[P@D] EnsionD – Wide Skies (feat. Francis Vace) | Progressive House

EnsionD always brings something nice to the table, and this is no exception. Re-imagined from their first major hit, Open Skies this take on the classic has buttery smooth progression and Francis‘s signature vocals; though something I wouldn’t expect add a new perspective and life and together they form what I’d say is a very worthy take on the classic!
This track is available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma.


Daniel Ingram – We’ll Make Our Mark (JoinedTheHerd Remix) | House

New show song remix by JoinedTheHerd, new positive and cheerful experience among pony vocals and bright melodies! This one holds even more emotion than usual with that line from Applejack that moved the whole community, and JoinedTheHerd follows suit with an extra emotional progression leading to a beautiful outro that displays the vocal chops, “We Love You”. And we certainly feel that love back for the musician and the CMC!


Dynamite Grizzly – TECHNOPONE VOL.3 | Album | Electronic

Dynamite Grizzly has been dropping hot albums in this fandom for almost 6 years now and still going! TECHNOPONE VOL.3 is the culmination of lots of time and hard work throughout 2018, and the final result is a great reflection of that effort!

This album features a healthy collection of originals based off season 8 as well as a couple hot remixes from HACKD and Spikey Wikey tracks. There is a good mix of genres from acid to techno to drum and bass all the way to hardcore which keeps the flow of tracks interesting and fun.

Dynamite Grizzly is a big fan of brony music and even gives a nod of appreciation on the bandcamp page for this album! TECHNOPONE VOL.3 is listed as name your own price, and with all the love Griz gives us, certainly we can all give a download back!