Deavas – Brony Metal Medley II | Metal

A tribute to Bronyfied’s 2012 metal masterpiece “Brony Metal Medley”, Deavas has compiled a list of personal favorite fandom songs and arranged them into a delightful shred fest! It’s a great mixture of some truly classic offerings and some perhaps more surprising inclusions, and each song gets its chance to shine through its respective metal arrangement. As with the original song, Deavas has linked to all of the videos in the video description making it easy to appreciate the original versions alongside their rocking renditions. Deavas themself is a recent returnee to the fandom music scene, so please check out the track and give them your support!


SeriousDamir – Big Iron (Parody) | Country

So, everypony, today we’ve got ourselves something special. SeriousDamir brings us this amazing Parody of “Big Iron”, a song from Fallout: New Vegas, and what could be better than turning that song into a Fallout Equestria song! But enough of that–let’s get straight to the song! The song starts out with a lovely acoustic solo that first made me think of Avicii, and believe me when I say that what we’re about to get is just as awesome! Quickly the vocals set in (everything is ponified, of course) and everything is accompanied by the guitar and backing vocals. The song’s lyrics take the original version, in which a ranger is after a guy called Texas Red, and change things up so that Littlepip is after the enclave colonel Autumn Leaf and her trusty “Big Iron”, who is of course Little Macintosh. Pip travels through town after town, all the while accompanied by the guitar and backing vocals, and everywhere she goes they know her as the “Hellmare”. She travels all the way to Red Eye’s cathedral, and in the end she not only finds her target but also Red Eye himself. After everything is said and done we end with some more awesome guitar.

This thing was proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him!


MelodyBrony – Onward | Hard Rock

Faster than lightning, MelodyBrony bursts onto the scene with Onward, a song all about G5 (more than likely the first one to come out) and the future it may bring! A positive rock song, we hear MelodyBrony’s musing about what the future holds for the fandom in wake of the show’s new incarnation hitting the scene. Driven by a lead guitar melody with a piano in the background, MelodyBrony sings with passion as the music charges forward, with a heavy focus on melody and structure, his forte. Who knows, maybe this could become the unofficial G5 anthem in future!


Crusader! – A Summer in the Stars (covering Forest Rain) | Pop Punk

(You can listen to the classic tune here!)

Crusader! Every time I hear new music from you, you sound better and better. If you listen to this cover of the classic Forest Rain song, you’ll notice that some machismo has been injected into this track. The song is about two friends or two lovers enjoying hot summer nights exploring the world of Equestria. It might also remind some of us of the many fun summer nights at pony con or a brony meetup enjoying those times that we have together. The fun factor is boosted by the catchy and hard punk rock goodness on those guitars and drums. Boy oh boy, does Crusader send some serious Green Day vibes with the vocal performance of this track. The cute little melodies of the classic are intact with his own flair to them. Tell me you can’t listen to this track and think about having pizza at a parlor with a group of bronies, taking a break from the con and just enjoying the moment! The fun factor of Crusader’s energy sends the vibes right into your ears! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Metal Core Pony – Wishful Reminiscence | Post-Hardcore

Metal Core Pony returns with his newest song since 2018, Wishful Reminiscence! Showing that he hasn’t lost his touch at all, this track displays some really soulful vocals over a heavy melodic instrumental. It’s all about the fandom (as his tunes usually tend to be) and its current state, with the hope that things can change for the better if we stick together, like the days of old. A powerful message for sure, coupled with a brilliantly made song. Welcome back, MCP!


Blackened Blue – The Road Less Travelled | Hard Rock

Oh no! Blackened Blue is lost in the desert and losing his mind! Well, at least we get a kick ass rock track out of it! By this point, it should come as absolutely no surprise that one of the premier rockers in the fandom has absolutely crushed the sound of the heyday of hard rock. The driving electric guitar, drums, and bass arrangement is so satisfying to hear. What I like about this straightforward arrangement is that it allows the listener to appreciate how good the instruments sound with lots of reverb goodness and a pleasing openness to the mix. The icing on the angst cake is Blackened Blue’s vocals, which are fantastic and spot on for this style of song, delivering lyrics that have me a little concerned for his well-being. I also love the art used in the accompanying video which really helps pull the viewer into the story. I know that it’s too much to hope for a full “rock band in the scorching desert” music video, but it’s still fun to imagine one! Hope you enjoy listening to this track (at high volume) as much as I do!


PrinceWhateverer – Remember Me (feat. Blackened Blue) | Metal

Is it me? or is PrinceWhateverer improving on telling a story through his music? This deep track from Starlight Glimmer’s point of view integrates the events of seasons five and six. Prince sings about Starlight’s desires to improve herself and the events of yearning to once again see Sunburst. Starlight hopes that her old friend remembers and feels the same, and maybe something more. Prince is on top of his vocal game along with the help of Blackened Blue in the harmonies, to screaming with sorrow for her anger and sadness. The heavy metal and sweet piano chords are oh so fitting for this track; gets you right into the head of Starlight, front and center. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Crusader! – Giggles & Gumdrops (Covering 4EverfreeBrony) | Pop Rock

Seven years ago, 4EverfreeBrony released a signature song about a certain bubbly, quirkily unpredictable party pony with the ability to always lift everyone’s spirits. Crusader! has breathed new life into this fun piece with his cover of this vibrant song. Winning first place in 4EverfreeBrony’s recent cover competition, Crusader!’s cover stays true to the upbeat, lighthearted nature of the original song while adding his own unique elements. Some heavier electric guitar in the background is enhanced with upbeat plucky chords on the ukulele, perfectly suited to Pinkie’s ebullient personality. Relaxed vocals coupled with a ukulele and electric guitar create an energetic party atmosphere, as if Pinkie herself were in the room! Even better, as if this track isn’t bright or joyful enough, a lively electric piano solo adds even more enthusiasm to this well-deserving winner of 4Everfreebrony’s competition!


MC-Arch – You got me, I got us II: Our Brave New World! | Album | Multi-Genre / Audio Drama

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(If you have not checked out the first YGMIGU album, you can do that here. I strongly suggest it for story reasons)

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