Nyanakaru – Methodic Ways To Break A Mind | Electronic Album

After at least a year in the making, Nyanakaru has finally completed his newest album. As it happens, we’ve actually covered each one of these single releases so far (some under his former alias). You can check those out below. The last addition to this is True Colors, an intensely dark and heavy glitchy drumstep-like song – I’m not entirely sure how to describe it, so I recommend taking a listen yourself!

See our previous posts for; Clear My Head, Falling Apart, Sixty Twenty Twelve, The Brightness and Oneiromancy.


Jeff Burgess – Before These Mighty Skies | Alternative Cover Album

Once upon a time in the magical time of 2013, Le Soldat Pony released “Before These Mighty Skies” as an innovative, indie/alternative sound that was quite new and distinctive to the fandom. Le Soldat may not be a common name nowadays, but another longtime fandom musician certainly hasn’t forgotten. Jeff Burgess revived the ideas of the songs from the original album and transformed them into his own form of covers, even continuing to add bonus alternatives to the bandcamp album following the initial release!

Burgess’ sound mixes elements of indie, alternative, ambient, progressive, and folk to capture a full, distinctive sound that manages to come across as both somber and nostalgic – almost as if the songs themselves are thinking of Le Soldat and wondering where they are now.

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[BP] Direct Current – Recipe for Disaster | Emo

Direct Current brings us his contribution from the Balloon Party 5 after party, dedicated to Fluttershy nonetheless! I have to say that I found this a very interesting listen. I personally enjoy spoken word rap a lot, and I can definitely hear how well the rhyme schemes work out here. I laughed out loud when I came to realize this was parody looking at the food-related lyrics! But honestly, I did find some words to be pretty impactful. The backing track definitely adds to the flavour (no pun intended) and the tone set here. And parody or not, I do think that within the jokes, it subtly encourages the listener to think somehow. So whether you’re in for a good laugh or need some encouragement no matter how unique it gets across within this track, this is for you.


[P@D] Idyllia – Sol (feat. Velvet R. Wings) | Symphonic Black Metal

There are different opinions in this fandom about Daybreaker. No one, however, can argue that Celestia’s dark side is what this epic piece of music by the duo of Idyllia and Velvet R. Wings represents: beautiful, powerful, and destructive. P@D: Zenith is full of beautifully crafted heavy metal creations, and this track is no different. As you stand in fear, you feel the presence of her divine rage around you. Velvet’s voice serenades wonderfully in your last moments before you are swept away in holy flames. You feel like trembling from frightful chills from the guitars and drums in this score. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


MelodyBrony – DECEIVED | Metal

I could count on one hand the releases from MelodyBrony I didn’t care for, if I had a hand with zero fingers. First premiering at EFNW 2022, “Deceived” knocks it out of the park right from get-go, with hard hitting riffs and powerful singing throughout. You won’t find harsh vocals or flashy solos here, this one’s all about the raw feeling of desperation coming from the Pony of Shadows himself. It’s a fabulous showcase of bitterness and betrayal, and a deserving member of the repeat club~


[BP] Mullet Music Productions – The Magic of the Everfree | Pop Rock

Individually each song embraces a pleasant energy or a glamorous sound element to resonate with. Mullet Music Productions has brought us here a story of a companionless pony in the Everfree Forest, sitting alone until life magically bonds him with a good-natured new friend who graces his life with her warmth welcoming friendship to later on chant in duet a radiant hook to make a trio singing with you the listener. Spoiler alert! this song may make you air guitar and pour out a slight tear of joy. Catch this song featured on the album Everfree Park: After Hours from the label Balloon Party.


Nugget – Pesticide | Metal

I always love me some good ‘ol Metal, always. And it’s always nice to see people fullfill their dreams. Such as Nugget has done here, who always wanted to make his own Metal track! And so, he finally did with the help of Blackened as his back-up for this track. Telling a short but epic story of the fight being ON between Celestia and Chrysalis… HYPE HYPE HYPE! I LOVE this song! The tension really gets through the instrumentals here, and the structure really is well set-up here. I head-bang to this as I write this Article. Nugget really put himself out there with this Track and I hope he’ll get the spotlight he deserves for it! Who knows what the follow up to this song will sound like… (and yes, that IS a hint to make a follow up song, Nug. DO IT.)


[P@D] General Mumble – High Horse | Reggae/Rock

As Monty Python once said, “now for something completely different!” This song perfectly speaks about Tree Hugger’s vibes of peace and inner chakras, and it’s not something you often hear in the brony music scene. Mumble, the ever-surprising musician he still is, manages to bring something fresh to P@D: Zenith. The merging of reggae with 80’s style rock is far out and rad. Mumble’s vocals bleed style and flare, drawing your mood into this relaxation bliss. General Mumble shows why he lasted so long in this music scene by reinventing himself with music such as this! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


P1K – Melody on my Heartstrings (10th Anniversary) | Pop Punk

How great is it to see a 10 year anniversary remastered track for a fandom classic? If P1K’s surprise update of Melody on my Heartstrings is any indication, then it’s the best! Working around the iconic starting bassline, P1K uses full, distorted guitars and brilliant vocal harmonies to declare his love for the pony who plays the music in his heart.


4everfreebrony – The Finest Creatures Ever (feat. Brittney Ackerman) [Covering Aphylliate] | Pirate Metal

A lot of people might have missed Aphylliate‘s original epic when it dropped in 2013. Thankfully, 4everfreebrony wouldn’t let it go until he had created an appropriate cover many years later (available on his new cover album now!) Set to a line of dialogue from Spike at Your Service, 4everfreebrony injects tons of life and whimsy with the pirate metal guitars, quick and punchy drums, and a little help from Brittany Ackerman‘s voice!