Crusader! – My Dragon Waifu | Pop Punk

Perhaps echoing the classic Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu, Crusader wrote an upbeat yet rocking tune about the #1 dragon waifu choice Ember! This is sure to please the enthusiasts of Tsundember love, with the catchy anthem conveying all of our feelings in harmony, along Crusader’s lovely vocals!


Djohn Mema – It’s Nightmare Moon (feat. Cyril the Wolf, SlightlyAmiss, Pinkaboo & Blackened Blue) | Metal

We can never get enough fan songs about classic themes, and these cool lads understood that very well. A lovely collab from Djohn Mema featuring Cyril the Wolf, SlightlyAmiss, Pinkaboo and Blackened Blue, this new Metal treat is quite impressive as it sings in the perspective of Nighmare Moon and there’s some kind of voice acting to it too, and that is definitely one of the many special powers of the genre. The doomsday keyboard melodies are amazing to act as the harbinger of the mare’s wrath, as the heavy guitar riffs reflect all her suppressed feelings so well. A masterpice for sure!!


[P@D] Blackened Blue – Set In Stone | Metal

Part of Ponies at Dawn Eternal, this pre-release is giving a taste of all the delightful rock/metal gems that you’ll find on the album. I’m happy that Blackened Blue is kicking it off on YouTube, with such a lovely and deep tribute to the Pillars of Equestria! All of Blackened’s mastery of the genre was used to craft this piece of many wonders that will take you through several vocal styles and a rich instrumentation with all those blissful rock instruments that we love. Give it up for Blackened, who’s also helping out in here at Horse Music Herald!


Forest Rain – The End of the World | Punk Rock

Forest Rain has just put out her second album of the year: a 12 track concept album about an apocalyptic war breaking out in Equestria. It starts out with an eerie spoken word intro featuring the voice of actor Reagan Murdock followed by a dark organ melody along with the voice of a female leader addressing the nation to stay calm before the haunting sound of countless screams can be heard, which is then followed up with the first full track, The Fight. It’s a fast-paced punk rock track coupled with orchestral strings and bells along with Forest’s powerful vocals and amazing guitar work to set the mood for the entire album.

For the first half of the album, the album charges forward relentlessly with uptempo rock tracks with soaring choruses and the occasional guest spot; Borders Fall features guest vocals from Wubcake, Steel Chords and Cyril the Wolf to add character and freshen things up some, and We Stand features Whirlwind, performing live drums. The album’s halfway point – The War – brings things down quite a notch in intensity, turning somber as if to represent the dystopian aftermath of Equestria after the war. Following this track is Beacon in the Dark, one of the more unexpected tracks on the album. It has a more electronic backing, and also showcases Forest rapping with ferocity in each verse.

Overall, this album as a cohesive whole is undeniably excellent and powerful, and tells the story presented with precision. Standout tracks are The Fight, The Battle, We Stand, Beacon in the Dark and In Memoriam, but for the best experience, I highly recommend you listen from beginning to end. The album is fresh off the presses on Bandcamp, and also currently has a limited run of jewelcase CDs, so get them while they’re hot!


Elias Frost – Better Way to Be Bad (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

A much welcome Metal cover of the acclaimed Better Way to Be Bad, in pure Elias Frost style! An awesome music video is accompanying this re-imagining of the villains’ song, in which that lovely dynamic is re-enacted all over again along the guitar riffs, for a Metal version that retains the uplifting side of the original all while bringing the power of rock music!


StableTwoStallion – DrIacSonCeqOuuRsD | Industrial Metal

Neue Deutsche Härte is alive and well, and it’s spreading in the fandom thanks to StableTwoStallion! This track’s about the chaotic side of Discord, represented perfectly with his gravelly voice (which is eerily reminiscent of Till Lindemann) and the gothic choirs in tandem with the riff-driven guitars. I guess you could say it’s about as chaotic as Discord himself!


Shal Music FX – Fizzlepop ‘Til You Drop (feat. Magpiepony & Truesailorcomet) | Latin Ska

Just the kind of pony songs that I love, this new masterpiece from Shal Music FX is enacting such a lovely story and Equestrian message, courtesy of Pinkie who cheers Fizzlepop up! Magpiepony and Truesailorcomet are doing wonders at voicing these characters, and a lot of gang singers contributed through a background choir as well! The upbeat and very show-like musical genre is so cute, and this collab is just perfect! We’re sending you all of our love, Fizzlepop!


Blackened Blue – Time To Go | Metal

Using the power of rock music as a catharsis, Blackened Blue definitely has it right with this new release that expresses personal experiences! The sexy charismatic rock vocals are a delight along the powerful riffs, and the screams are empowering the Metal vibes of the track with much force. An S-grade Hard Rock/Metal track like the ones I love to listen to, with extra emotion because it was made by such a lovely and dedicated pony musician who I’ve got to meet at BronyCon!