EveryDayDashie – Pezuña al Corazón | Latin Rock

Here we go!~ with this lovely tune made by the oh so amazing EveryDayDashie! I knew that Dashie was amazing in EVERY direction he goes when talking music…but Latin Rock? That’s just amazing! I believe, it truly speaks volumes on how talented this person is! Dashie delivers us today; Pezuña al Corazón. Which is Spanish for “hoof to heart”. A TRUE code to live by, and expressed wonderfully throughout this song with an out-of-this-world passion for G5 with a Latin tint added unto it! Epic vocals, epic drums, wonderful melodies! It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to write for Dashie. Keep being you, and keep spreading your wonderful messages of love and endearment for the ponies we love!


MC-Arch & PrinceWhateverer – Yay on! (feat. Drummershy, BlackenedBlue, SnugBugVA & Namii) | Rock / Hip Hop

MC-Arch and PrinceWhateverer’s first track of the new year is a collaboration powerhouse featuring not only these two legends, but also Drummershy, BlackenedBlue, SnugBugVa, and Namii! The track begins with mellow e-piano vibes and the incredible rapping talent of MC-Arch. Then a minute in, the electric guitars kick in, along with a couple of chiptune-esque synths and a drum feature, creating an incredible cross-genre texture unique to this song. My favorite bit though is the duet between MC-Arch and PrinceWhateverer singing, “You deserve love.” It’s simply gorgeous and a fantastic message to everypony listening!

This track will be featured on the third installment of “You got me, I go us”, so make sure to check that out when it drops later this year.


SDreamExplorerS – Neversleep | Black Metal

Soul’s back again! Similar to another release from 2022, Neversleep sees her revisiting an older composition, reviving it with new life and the added expertise of nearly another decade of musicianship! The slow-burning atmospheric introduction brings in new elements and harmonies one by one, like a descent into a sleepless night where further, heavier riffs await you…


4everfreebrony – I’ll Show You My Loyalty (feat. PrinceWhateverer) [covering PhonyBrony] | Rock

Two guitar legends have teamed up once more, to bring us another epic Rainbow Dash cover track! PhonyBrony’s magical work keeps shining through, as it’s also this time supported by no other than PrinceWhateverer and 4everfreebrony. And it’s beautiful how the loyalty is presented here once again! Epic vocals, stunning guitar work, and just the pure amount of energy rushing through this track… What an incredible thing to listen to! It’ll never cease to amuse me, how so many beautiful yet different styles can come together to bring forward a song that combines so much of each other… And than spreads it’s wings with a rush of glory and determination, PERFECTLY complimenting Rainbow Dash’s character. You both earned your wings truly, great work you two!


Frozen Night – Terra Nova’s Aria (voc. Kjellska, vln. Hannah K. Watson) | Symphonic Metal

Wow… what a track! Frozen Night once again, delivers pure majesty through music! And this time, we are blessed with symphonic metal INCLUDING KIRINS! Backed up by Hannah K. Watson’s phenomenal violin playing, and Kjellska’s stunning vocal work, the story of Terra Nova is told! This piece will rush through you similar to a Kirin’s fury, and yet it is so calm & soothing with wonderful orchestral elements. The contrast of peace and intensity meet each other in the middle here perfectly and YOU BET something beautiful has come out of that!


Luck Rock – What’s Going On Luster Dawn (feat. ProtoShadez) [prod. MelodyBrony] | Pop-Punk

Yeah, seriously! like, legit! What’s going on with this reverse Fluttershy as a unicorn type of h o n s e?

What does she think of Pineapples on Pizza? How can she eat so much Mayo-BING BONG!-and still remain so thin? Why am I still not getting my salary from her? SO MANY QUESTIONS! You bet I was really glad Luck, Shadez, and Melody brought this to the public’s attention through this extremely joyful and funny song! Three wonderfully talented lads putting their grand workways together to solve this mystery… I adore it! I believe in it though, that one day we’ll see her again! I’d love to say more, but unfortunately, I have to cut this article short because I believe the IRS just broke through my door right now for forwarding this great question to the public, I hope they don’t smash my head on the desktop for iTTEt4 dfghdfgh5 43[08


rawrity – starting over | indie

Well, rawrity DEFINITLY proves their name true! The RAW emotion I get from this track, WOW! Let alone, how the pony samples from the show harmonize and compliment with BOTH the song, and the message of the show, it’s absolutely incredible! And so is the way of starting over with something… I know exactly what raw talks about here. Life truly is a Rollercoaster… but y’know what? It’s beautiful to share the ride with so many people… I wish raw the best with their mental health journey. I’m glad you’re here with us! I would also personally encourage MORE bronies to spread & accept the message; it IS ok to care about mental health and encourage others to talk about it!


Namii – The Twilight Will Rise (covering Turquoise Splash) | Soft Rock

Oohohooo~ The local popstar returns to us with another cover! And rise? Namii absolutely does with this cover of “The Twilight Will Rise”. I want to express how incredibly talented and versatile Namii is… They can go literally EVERY direction with their vocals! I think everything about this cover is perfect. It’s smooth, epic, and just pulls you in! I am really glad to see a classic brought forward once again with such power and determination. Truly like Twilights character I’d say. Phenomenal work Namii!


The Horse Music Herald Slightly Belated Holiday Special

Missing the festive season already? Get back into the mood with some of these certified holiday horse songs! There’s a selection from upbeat pop to seasonal orchestral to a couple of dance numbers.

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limbosystem – Dizzy, Starry Eyes | Indie Rock

Ah, nice lovely rock vibes from the homie limbosystem bringing us the track Dizzy, Starry Eyes. It’s the perfect title for a track like this because you wouldn’t pass an opportunity to stargaze, right? Those moments are truly beautiful. Aren’t they? I really enjoy the Beatles / Pink Floyd vibes this track gives us! The universe has always been a very interesting concept to mankind, and since music is what feelings sound like, isn’t it just beautiful to express that curiosity and beauty through Music?