SDreamExplorerS – Oblivion Highway | Prog Rock / Prog Metal

Here we are with the first single from Ephemeral II: Parallels. Right from the opening seconds this song captivated me with its foreboding atmosphere and intriguing instrumentation. There is A LOT going on here from complex melodies to intricate and subtle percussive elements. The Oblivion Highway is a journey to our past across the the land of memories. You can feel the mood progress throughout as we visit some of life’s more pleasant memories, our vivid recollections, times of joy, and times we wish to forget. The album releases on May 1, 2019 and if you like intricate story telling through song, this is the album for you!


Vylet Pony – Danger Close (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Omnipony & Namii) | Dubstep / Hard Rock

What happens when you bring together some of the best talents that the community has ever seen..? Absolute greatness! Part of Vylet’s concept album Homeward, this treat switches genres faster than Rainbow Dash can clear the sky! With PrinceWhateverer delivering pure Hard Rock bliss, Omnipony blowing us all away again with these wubs, Namii providing state-of-the-art vocals, and Vylet presenting us more of her art and story, Danger Close has much in store for you!


PrinceWhateverer & Djohn Mema – I’m Not Gay (feat. Sable Symphony) | Metal

There’s not only serious and deep songs that get made in the community, but also light-hearted and hilarious pieces like this awesome collab from PrinceWhateverer, Djohn Mema and Sable Symphony! Still showcasing much quality, the track brings some rocking spirit along the hilariously questionable lyrics, and it’s so lovely seeing the three lads gathering for such shenanigans, along a cover art by Dino Horse and typography by MokeDoesThings!


MelodyBrony – A Song About Sweetie Bot (feat. Luck Rock) | Punk Rock

Come and get that tasty rock sound everypony! It will never get old, and MelodyBrony had such an awesome idea here with this tribute to Sweetie Bot, delving into all the deep themes associated with that fanmade character. What’s more, the awesome Luck Rock got invited to play the bass! I love to see such musical collabs in the community, it feels just like friends in the neighborhood going into each other’s garage to jam and write songs together! Keep it up guys, much love!


4EverfreeBrony – Light & Darkness (feat. Odyssey Eurobeat) | Rock / Acoustic

4EB & Odyssey da Homies teamed up for a Beautiful duet track about our beloved Princess ponies, combining two Beautiful Entities (and songs literally) to create a symphony so super sweet and heartwarming! This track is the living Evidence that the Light & Darkness need each other. As they both embrace us, and help us. Even we ways we don’t see, hear, or understand. But we feel them. That’s what matters. I hope y’all enjoy these Acoustics as I did! Great work guys!


Djohn Mema & Metal Core Pony – Arrhythmia | Metalcore

When I first read the title I was amazed. Metalcore Pony and Djohn in the same track?! Only quality music would come from this duo. The subject of the song is also something really deep, dealing with our disablities. This time is arrhythmia. It could be any other disease or difficulty.
The song itself is amazing, I love how the atmospheric and raw/angry elements mix together, it gives the song a blackned sound. The screams are well done, and the mixing is pretty good. This song is a treat if you like atmospheric and etheral metalcore. A thing that is very present in Converge’s songs.