M_Pallante – Wings (If You Can Use Them) | Rock

M_Pallante is back with another pony track, and this one is sung in the perspective of Celestia during the long years of Nightmare Moon’s banishment to the moon! The talented rock musician is giving his own lovely interpretation of Tia’s feelings, through thoughtful lyrics reminiscent of Lullaby for a Princess, awesome vocals and a blissful rock instrumental that will never get old, much like the theme of this track!


DoTheDaringDew & Brittney Ackerman – Harmony | Soft Rock

The time of new smiles and celebrations in pony spirit is drawing near, with HarmonyCon happening on February 8th – 10th, and the lovely con mascots duo of DoTheDaringDew and Brittney Ackerman are doing wonders to raise the hype to cute/100 levels, with this happy and very pony-like Soft Rock song starring the two musicians and ponies as singers, and a video made by Hyper Dash! Check out HarmonyCon and their amazing lineup of pony musicians!


[ASOS] Cynifree & Reverbrony – Windigo | Electronic / Metal

Compilation albums are always home to such lovely collabs, and Ice Cream certainly saw the birth and rise of many! In addition to his collab with Zizkil From Here To Where, Cynifree gathered the help of the one and only Reverbrony to lay out such blissful guitar riffs among the gorgeous electronic instrumental! The whole track is quite epic and the progressive aspect certainly is reminiscent of Reverbrony’s signature style! A very successful collab, shining with the union of the two musicians’ talents!


PrinceWhateverer – Are You There | Alternative Rock

Warning: Explicit lyrics
PrinceWhateverer explores the softer (at least by his standards), emotional world of pony breakups. Based off of the Marble Pie-Big McIntosh stirrup from “Best Gift Ever”, Are You There explores Marble’s inner anguish over the situation. The verses are characterized by soft guitars, leaving the somber vocals to drive the emotion before the drums and guitars come in more prominently for a more enraged chorus. The back and forth between the soft, sadness and controlled anger, tied together with moving guitar riffs allow PW to show off his musical, emotional range.


Rockin’Brony – Open Your Eyes (covering Aviators) | Soft Rock

The immensely talented Rockin’Brony comes through with an exceedingly well-done cover of Aviators’ fandom classic, Open Your Eyes! With some flourishes to enhance the cover, an increased electric guitar presence, and a subtle and ethereal synthesizer at the song’s climax, the cover is very much in the spirit of the original while adding Rockin’Brony’s flavor to make it his own.


A State Of Sugar – Ice Cream | Compilation Album | Various Genres

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 24 December 2018.

A State Of Sugar are back with their 4th compilation album, full of a heap of awesome music from a bunch of fantastic musicians! Predominantly sweet electronic tunes, there’s also some orchestral influence and a few rock/metal pieces as well. Check it out for free or a donation over on Bandcamp here!