Damien Nagy – Thème de Windskyed (Windskyed’s Theme) | Soundtrack

Part of the OST of their MP3 Saga titled Erebys, this character theme for Windskyed in their youth is very soothing and definitely reflects that calm atmosphere of the moment so well with wind instruments and an acoustic guitar too!


Vylet Pony – Familiar Feelings (feat. Chi Chi) | Chill Hop

I’m sure everyone of us have been there at least once. Feeling the sense of déjà vu,  or the feeling that you’ve lost something precious to you that you can’t ever get back. Vylet Pony’s new track, Familiar Feelings captures those feelings all too well. Without spoiling the story of song too much, here is a rhetorical question: Have you lost a good friend before, due to any disagreements and only find out after the fact that it’s too late to make amends?
Chi Chi’s voice acting and vocals goes perfectly with the overall emotional undertones of the song. It’s almost as if you are experiencing the drama unfold right beside the familiar characters you’ve known and loved. Go give this a listen, and have some paper towels nearby. Excellent work from Vylet Pony and Chi Chi yet again!


Silva Hound – Hooves Up High (Odyssey Eurobeat Remix) (feat. Pinkaboo) | Eurobeat / Dubstep

Ahoy! A brand new remix of a classic from the definitive year of 2012 emerges! Odyssey Eurobeat and Pinkaboo vanguard a modern re-imagining of Hooves Up High by Silva Hound and Rina-Chan. This beaming remake includes the melodies and vocals of the original under shining new voices. And the drop encapsulates the spirit of the original under modern dubstep ideas. Frankly, with our community just past the end of Generation 4, I think you’ll find it very nostalgic.


Vylet Pony – My Letter to the Princess (ft. a lot of bronies) | R&B

With MLP:FiM’s ending depression still washing over the fandom, it’s no surprise that there’s also a wave of cathartic music made in its wake, with this one being no exception. The ever-prolific Vylet has made a brilliant and emotional track about remembrance and the world Twilight helped create that will last forever. This track reaches a climax towards the end with a massive vocal group of 60 people in the fandom singing together in harmony, which only goes to show how far this fandom has come. Thank you Vylet, and thank you everypony.


Daniel Ingram – The Magic of Friendship Grows (Toby Macarony Remix) | Alternate Electronic

Toby’s remix of the finale’s song brings fitting emotional vibes with a piano completing the original vocals, and making for a reflective atmosphere. The creative progression also features the musician’s signature musical style, and a callback the the Theme Song at the end just like it happened at the end of the original..!! Definitely a very appreciated remix to extend the emotions from the finale…


[P@D] Redhose vs Pegasas – Under The Shadow | Hybrid Trap / Drumstep

This one is unique. Pegasas was featured on Ponies At Dawn: Eternal for this track and I have to say its one of my favourites from the album. Taking a heavy influence from Hip hop and Trap production this track has a strong backing groove with a very nice flow in its lyrics. The highlight of course is when you come to the drops. They hit hard and heavy and bring with them a very syncopated style of percussive sound and words can only go so far. This one really is easier to hear for yourself and I love the creativity used in this one!