Etherium Apex – The Daybreaker | Alternative Metal

It’s so amazing when fan songs get made about specific characters and their depth as depicted in the show or inspired by it, and Etherium is certainly on a roll with these! Keeping up the recent Rock/Metal ride, this very rocking song about Celestia and her dark persona Daybreaker sets the stage on fire with heavy guitars and amazing vocals honed through lots of tasteful inspirations from rock bands.


Ataraxia – Anaphora | Electropop / Ambient Pop

Ataraxia brings a 7 minutes progressive and ethreal ambient electropop track with distint relations with some Linkin Park songs from Living Things or A Thousand Suns. The song about King Sombra is an absolutly banger. The deep theme behind the lyrics and the vocal performance of Ataraxia adds more awesomness to the electronic backlash of sounds, a mix of industrial with ambient with even some house elements? I don’t know, I would say that Ataraxia always has a Linkin Park feeling, idk if are the instrumentals or that if his vocals are quite similar to Chester. The powerfull synths at the “chorus” are also pretty deep and emotional.
Anaphora. Greek: ἀναφορά, “carrying back”. Is a rhetorical device that consists of repeating a sequence of words at the beginnings of neighboring clauses, thereby lending them emphasis.
It really reflects on some verses of this specific song! The ones with “I’ll be a path inside your mind”. Good job Ataraxia, you always suprise me!


UndreamedPanic – 10k Sub Special Mix ~ Songs Not Uploaded To YouTube | House / Trance

UndreamedPanic da Mad-Manic is back At It with da radio Static, da good music making Habit that’ll make you trip on Acid forget your Medicine Cabit ‘cuz this stuff is Fantastic and maaaan Am I excited for this! I extend my congratulations to Panic for his fantastic and marvelous work that got him 10K subscribers! He deserves to be Famous with the fantastic music productions he does and I am happy I can write a HMH post for him! As it was an honor to collab with him multible times! (Now that I mention it, HELP PANIC GET TO BRONYCON! He deserves it to be there!)
I hope you guys will enjoy this mix as I enjoyed writing about it, There’s alot of good techno, house, and wubs in there!


JackleApp – Cawtion (StrachAttack Bootleg) | Drumstep

StrachAttack continues his genius streak of flipping fandom classics, this time bootlegging JackleApp’s banger from the first Balloon Party showcase, 100% No Feeble Cheering. In this extremely high-energy bootleg, Strach’s improved sound design especially shines, as does his clever incorporation of other Balloon Party samples. A wild upgrade of a classic tune with a slight trap edge to it, this is a gem from the new year of pony tunes!


Enuna – Nightmare Moon Has a Speech Impediment | Gabber

It’s always a nice surprise seeing niche genres, especially from fresh artists, like this show up on Cider Party! Fresh off’s Lunar New Year: Trash3D compilation, Enuna brings a schizophrenic mix of high-energy leads, hard-hitting distorted kicks, and an onslaught of chopped vocal samples, including several from the titular evil Night Queen!


Toby Macarony – Drifting off to Sleep | Electro Swing


Toby Macarony always delivers something entirely unique, and this spooky groove is in a league all of its own! The upbeat swing-style mixed with nightmarish Sweetie Belle chops makes for an exhilarating sound. There is a break in the middle that shifts to a slower, half-tempo that really drives home the terror in the track. Drifting off to Sleep has a wide appeal for anyone who enjoys electro house, electro swing, or just scary-themed music, but be warned: the imagery is a bit dark as well!


Eurobeat Brony – Luna (ROKII Remix) | Future

A true Classic being Remixed once again this time by ROKII! Eurobeat’s Luna has always been a favourite track to bump on the speakers. Witnessing it LIVE at HarmonyCon this year was most definitly a magnificent experience! ROKII re-evamping that Experience with this awesome remix is a great enjoyment! I really like every variant of how you can listen to this song, and I say with full pride that this one is no exception! The bass drops are marvelous, and the mixdown is great!

Well done Rok! This remix is great, and I look forward to adding this one into my music collection! ❤