Hay Tea – Short Stories EP | Electronic

Hay Tea has released what could be his last few songs for a while. He’s going back into the Army soon, but has given us this EP before he leaves. Check out the individual songs after the break!

Track 1  – Prologue | Chillout

The EP features a piano as a major part of the mix, and it starts off this track by itself, with a well-programmed beat joining the mix soon after. The main focus stays on the piano though, with some very chilling melodies.

Track 2 – Interlude | Drum & Bass

Hay Tea breaks out his signature style for this track here. He’s a master of Liquid DnB; smooth bases and drums that are simultaneously energetic and chill. Same strong piano element as the Prologue too, dark and suspending.

Track 3 – Epilogue | Drum & Bass

Sporting a combined feel of the previous 2 tracks, the final song on this EP starts off with a solo piano, joined later by drums, bass and some underlying strings. Overall following the same style but still sounding fantastic.

This EP is available to download for free from Hay Tea’s Bandcamp, or you can purchase it for whatever price you wish if you’re feeling generous.


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