Throwback Thursday | ImTheMoon | Artist Spotlight

ImTheMoonBreaking the infamous curse of unlisted videos, I present to you ImTheMoon, one of the most forsaken pony musicians to have graced us with their music. All of the pony songs from the channel are unlisted, but very fortunately a public playlist remains, containing all the much valued songs now easy to reach despite being unlisted. Below the break, behold a few of those timeless gems!

There aren’t that many tracks that as are emotional as to make me tear up on the spot while listening, but this piece did it. Birth, despite its simple progression, provides an unexplainable yet powerful alchemy between melody and story. The concept revealed by the description, brought to life by the track and empowered by the artwork, makes for an unique experience that can trigger much emotion.

Shining the brightest on piano, ImTheMoon created many piano pieces revolving around certain episodes or scenes from the show, and this one is no exception. With a more upbeat mood than usual, here is Cousin, a melodic journey along the events of Pinkie Apple Pie.

Watching Paint Dry is probably the darkest, deepest composition from ImTheMoon in my opinion, because it reveals through music what couldn’t be perceived with the experience of the episode alone. Focusing on Pinkie’s ordeal, the track and artwork let us encounter a larger, deeper theme of overcoming oneself, and immerse in its subtle yet enthralling mysteries, conveyed by the music.

When the first melody plays, you might discover a rendition of the MLP Theme Song that you wouldn’t have expected to hear. Beyond the surprising opening, brace yourself for a progressive ride through both powerful and gentle melodies, perhaps reflecting both the persona and inner self of the beloved character Tricks is paying great tribute to.

For more of these, don’t forget to check out the full playlist of ImTheMoon’s Old MLP Compositions!

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