StrachAttack – Millennials EP -Remixed- | Electronic

You may remember our post on Strach’s Millennials EP from a couple of months ago. Well now we’ve got a remix album full of a variety of electronic subgenres from producers across the fandom, including some old favourites making a return appearance! We’ve got a writeup of the whole thing after the break.

Straight off the bat we’ve got a welcome suprise. Vinyl.rawr and Nexgen start off the album with their joint remix of the song Shapeshifter VIP. Vinyl has stepped up his production game since we last saw him release anything under this alias, and Nexgen adds his awesome vocals to make this remix extra special.

Next up, one of the fandom’s best up-and-coming dubstep producers, L.M., with a very interesting approach to Black Magic. Combining breakbeat, dubstep and some future sounds, it shows his diverse prowess as a producer.

Chang31ing has, as I might have expected, gone for a trap remix of Shapeshifter VIP. Based largely around the original, Chang31ing takes a different trap spin on this, with some extra voice samples to spice things up.

The song is called Filthy. Of course there were going to be Filthy Frank jokes. Of course R3CTIFIER was going to then take it to the next level. Jokes aside, this dubstep/trap hybrid goes in hard, nice work!

I have to admit, I’ve never heard of Droitide before, but they’ve certainly made a good first impression on me! Regardless of whether they’re a new face or someone familiar re-branding under a new alias, it’s great to see them feature on this album with a fantastic dubstep remix of Black Magic.

R3CTIFIER’s back again for another round. You remember his remix of Mustache Ride from a few weeks back? It’s on the album too! Bounce away to this beat with the same groovy sax and vocal manipulation of the original.

It’s great to see Flightless making a name for himself among the community too, and his take on Shapeshifter fits right alongside the rest of this album.

This one is not like the rest. Midli’s remix of Mustache Ride is a hardcore track among a bunch of EDM. It’s similar to the sort of thing you might see from fractilx, only with heavier basses and more intense kicks.

Next up, another Shapeshifter remix, this time from Glexes, the only Scandinavian on this EP as far as I know. Glexes slowly but surely making a name for themself too, and this dubstep remix shows they’re getting better.

Nekowolf hails from the same city as Strach, Calgary represent! Here Neko takes a future house spin on Mustache Ride, giving a whole new feel to the track, especially compared to some of the other remixes featured here.

And then there’s NextLevelDerp. I’m actually surprised, Derp’s remix of Black Magic VIP is considerably tamer than I was anticipating! Have one more hardcore song to wrap up this remix album.

If your tastes in electronic music lie mostly in EDM, you’re bound to enjoy this EP. However don’t be completely put off if that’s not your thing, there’s a good deal of stuff that deviates from the commercial norm too! And given that it’s completely free, it’s definitely worth grabbing if you like Strach’s original EP or are a fan of any of the names you see on here.

You can download this from StrachAttack’s Bandcamp, entirely free of charge, stream them on Strach’s SoundCloud, and the various remixers will surely be uploading their tracks on YouTube soon too. (edit: and Strach will also be uploading them on his channel)

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