Quicksilver – A Better Place | Pop Punk

It’s somewhat unusual to see instrumental pieces from Quicksilver, but by no means are they of any lesser quality than any of his other work. And perhaps in this instance it’s for the better. When words fail to express emotion, music sometimes does a better job. A great tribute piece Quicksilver, well done.

(I dunno how to write things like this properly, so also *hugs*)


CainbowRrash – The Mane 6 Symphony | Orchestral

Definitely not the first orchestral ‘symphony’ to cover the entire Mane 6, but definitely not the last either. It’s nice to see that even though other composers have done this sort of thing before, each one puts their own spin on it. Here you can clearly distinguish between the different sections, composed for each individual character, yet they all flow seamlessly into one another.


Direct Current – {RD/TS} (NeverLastStanding Remix) | Indie Dance

What happens when a SGaP track, already full of emotion and depth, inspires a musician to make a track as a heartfelt tribute to that musical style, in turn inspiring another musician to make a remix of that tribute track, full of underlying feelings too? This right here is the result, and I can safely say that the magic has been tripled! Perfectly displaying one of our powers that is simply to cause others to move, this accumulation of experiences and reflection of emotions gives a wonderful new take to Direct Current’s {RD-TS}, now re-imagined in NeverLastStanding’s unique sensitivity and sound. Experience those pony vocal chops and Direct Current’s vocals along bright melodies and powerful beats in this remix that will shine eternal!’s Hearth’s Warming Music Contest!

The staff of are pleased to announce their first ever music contest, with a theme and prizes and everything! Have a copypasta with the details…

Attention music artists! Get your music making skills ready because is launching a special contest for the Christmas season! Do you think you can produce the best Christmas/Hearth’s Warming song? We’re holding a song contest to find the best Hearth’s Warming songs this season. They can be original songs or remixes of some of the show’s songs from the Hearth’s Warming episodes.

To submit, just upload a track to between now and the 18th of December and make sure to check “Submit to Hearth’s Warming Contest” in the track editor.

The best three songs made by you will be featured on the homepage of on the week of Christmas and you’ll be receiving an Amazon gift voucher ($50 for 1st place, $25 for 2nd and $10 for 3rd). Songs that are not featured in the homepage will be put into a Hearth’s Warming playlist for all to enjoy.

Submissions are open right now! We’ll close the submissions on the 18th of December and the winners will be announced a few days before Christmas. Please be sure to read the official contest rules. If you want to collab with other composers, feel free. So, what are you waiting for! Get out there and start making some great tunes!

For the full terms and conditions and any FAQs, please visit the info post on MLP Forums.


Age of Vinyl & Hay Tea – Lost Lullaby | Drum & Bass

Another collaboration displaying both the power of uniting talents and the unique sensitivity of DnB, this new collab between Age of Vinyl and Hay Tea (reminiscent of Iridescence) conveys all the beauty of the cover art with a wonderful journey through sound and many wonders. You might recognize the melody at 1:34 from another track, here being sublimated with an amazing DnB progression and wonderful atmospheric designs. A successful collaboration that’s always so amazing to experience! One More!

Top Ten Pony Songs of October 2016 released!

More community voted Top 10 songs, and a good half of them came from Ponies At Dawn: Voyager, great job by the entire P@D collective. Anyway, take a look at which pony songs* made it into the top 10 this month.

*Oh, and Say by BlackGryph0n & Baasik is in there too for whatever reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Sky in the Box – Queen of Whisky | Neuro Drum & Bass

A new stunning collaboration happened, blending styles in a wonderful way to create something unique. FillyInTheBox’s dark Neurofunk style, as enthralling as ever, meets Sky Runner’s increasingly popular DnB style, hence the new collab name “Sky in the Box”. From the dark depths of the unknown, gathering creativity and the power of Friendship, the two artists crafted this amazing track filled with haunting atmospheres, beautiful melodies and a DnB beat that’s giving it a sick rythm. Also check FillyInTheBox’s upload. This may be “coordinated chaos” as he says, I feel the following quote still applies : “Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection.”


Sky Runner – Heartstrings | Drum & Bass

Sky Runner is on a roll lately, ans this new DnB track from the producer is centered around Lyra Heartstrings and fittingly includes harp melodies, along the equally fitting strings and the masterfully designed percussions giving to the beat an unique spin. One More!


Vylet Pony – Ordinarily.. (feat. Cadie) | Chillout

While it is well-known and heavily confirmed since Scaremaster that Vylet Pony can come up with the most hard-hitting kind of tracks, the producer is just as talented at making blissful Chillout songs that make you feel at ease like it was magic. With the help of Cadie‘s majestic voice providing a humming that seems like it’s coming straight from the heavens, this new release proves to be quite the fitting track to play in repeat as you spend some fluffy time at the spa or cuddling/RP-ing with a friend online.


StrachAttack – Black Magic VIP (feat. NekoWolf) (Rebuck) | Trap

Here it is, ponies!! The brand new rebuck of the VIP of Black Magic (that had already got a Trap Redux), premiered during StrachAttack’s Ciderfest 2016 Performance! (I recommend that mix by the way) As party-material as ever, this rebuck acts as a concentrate of what makes the tune so awesome, with its amazing melodies, heavy bass, delightful Trap elements conducted in StrachAttack’s purest signature sound, and dank additions. Truly to become an all-time classic, it celebrates StrachAttack’s perfect streak of awesome releases both production-wise and mix-wise. Speaking of mixes, I highly recommend his TrotCon 2016 mix, that I grown very addicted to.