4everfreebrony – Hoping (feat. Giggly Maria & Relative1Pitch) | Acoustic Pop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 27 November 2016.

A revamp of a song he wrote whilst in Argentina that some of you might remember, ‘Hoping’, this fully realised version is wonderfully produced and features some excellent vocals too. The emotion in the piano, the guitar and the vocals themselves help push the vision of the piece. This track is available as the title track on 4everfree’s new album, Hoping, which I highly recommend checking out. It also features a bunch of his other recent hits such as ‘Smell The Roses’, ‘Bound With Time’, ‘Carry On’ and more!


[HMC] CainbowRrash – Requiem For Melodic | Orchestral

Earlier this year, we learned of MelodicPony’s unfortunate passing. It was around this time that CainbowRrash started discovering the fandom, including Melodic’s channel. So in tribute, they’ve created this short but sweet piece, seemingly emulating Melodic’s style by using motifs from the show’s soundtrack and BGM. It’s also available on the recently released HMC Vol. 1 album.


Elias Frost (ft. KaMmEr JaEgEr & Ice Gaze) – Bats (covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 28 November 2016.

Elias Frost has teamed up with a couple of other artists to finish up his month of German-language show song covers in a big way! Probably one of the coolest interpretations of this track, the use of different language vocals help this one stick out a lot. The vocals from Ice Gaze are sung in English however, which means there’s a bit of both in this track! The instrumental is pretty solid too, and a lot heavier than some of the other recent stuff Elias has done.


DJT – It Isn’t (Alikore Remix) | Dubstep

NB: Original video was deleted, replaced with re-upload.

Hey look who actually released something While the original version of It Isn’t predates this website, it’s great to see it still getting some love from Alikore who recently finished their remix of the song. Keeps the same tempo and pace of the original, but now with a much heavier feel and shift of focus towards the (excellent) sound design.


Horse Music Hotspot – November 2016

HMHotstpot main art

End of the month – time for another hotspot episode. Apologies it’s been uploaded a little later than normal this month, but now it’s available on YouTube, SoundCloud, and our podcast feed.

Another month draws to a close, and so it’s time for another episode of the Horse Music Hotspot. Despite and ongoing overwhelming presence of electronica, this month saw a great deal of rock and acoustic music, so there’s something for everyone in this month’s episode.

To listen in live, tune in to Ponyville FM at 10PM Eastern on the last Sunday of each month!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break.

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DJT – Candy Bits | Future Bass

This sweet-as-candy new release from DJT brings all the yummy Future vibes and serves us with a full course of melodies, percussions and bass creating a perfect alchemy, along smooth visuals by DealFire. It also acts as a teaser for DJT’s new EP that definitely sounds very promising and that you can preorder here, and as a character theme of sorts for the musician! Honestly, who’d reject some sweets? We all need some sugar in our lives!


ertrii – Admirable | Progressive House

I’ll never get enough of Ertrii’s stunning compositions, and Progressive House being one of my favorite electronic music subgenres, this one sure feels amazing and powerful. Encompassing Ertrii’s skill and musical sensitivity in the most beautiful ways, the track takes us for a walk in Canterlot’s streets, and graces us with soft melodies, emotional rythms, background strings of incredible purity, and a breakdown that pierces through the soul. May Celestia and Luna bless such talents and bringers of magic in this world!


The Wonderbolts Band – RAINBOW | Garage Rock

Rejoice everypony, The Wonderbolts are BACK with a new song, and this one is ready to ROCK the concert hall! A mighty ponification of Threshold from the fictional band Sex Bob-Omb, it pays tribute to The Rainbooms in much rock spirit, bringing those delightful Garage/Indie/Punk Rock vibes, in an amazing performance and along a very fitting music video made by the band’s drummer, Wootmaster. This is making you want to cheer for the band with a hoof in the air at the gig, or salute the members as you luckily spot them coming out of the garage rehearsal room and carrying their instruments in their cases! Show your support to The Wonderbolts, because this pony band is awesome, and keep rocking!


A Symphony Of Two – Pride | Orchestral

Perhaps acting as a solemn yet valiant theme for the griffons, this new piece from A Symphony Of Two conveys both strength and wisdom through an amazing progression making wonderful use of winds and strings instruments alike. Embodying Pride and musical wonder, this track is another gem in the streak of awesome releases from this definitely very successful duo!


Filly in the Box – Manehatten Nights (Sky Runner Remix) | Drum & Bass

Sky Runner just doesn’t stop releasing tuuuune after tune. We’ve already seen what happened when she teamed up for a collab with FitB, now we have her remix of one of Filly’s songs, Manehatten Nights. Expect the same top-notch level of production on this liquid dnb track.