Zephysonas – Twilight Adventures | Orchestral

Acting as the perfect Soundtrack embodiment of the artwork that was used as the concept and cover art, Zephysonas’ new piece is a much cheerful one, conveying well the mood of such a cute and silly scene that is much inspired from what is commonly seen in animes and mangas, even drawing style-wise. The piece still displays much beauty, and talent at crafting both fitting Soundtrack and Orchestral greatness.


Denz Xavier – Hero’s Flight | Progressive Rock

We don’t often get something that resembles the good ol’ Progressive Rock from the 70s/80s, and I would be tempted to label this Neo-Prog but there’s just some sweet, blissful Classic Rock vibe to it that can’t help making me feel nostalgic. This track has just the right sound, creative values, melodic structure, and progression, to make it an outstanding instrumental piece from the artist that is definitely a delight for Prog Rock fans like me. In Prog We Trust! (who’s going to this year’s festival?)


Aelipse – Luna’s Rebirth | Orchestral

Aelipse re-releases a much heartfelt Orchestral piece dedicated to beloved late MelodicPony, and it doesn’t fail to display much depth, grace and talent. The amazing progression and the solemn yet sensitive composition are much living up to the holy name of the piece, and it is forever a bliss to discover or re-discover.


Maressey – You Just Haven’t Earnet It Yet | Indie Rock

Maressey present us another tribute to The Smiths’ music in pony form, and this one should prove to be a very relatable track for many musicians who aim at the top! Genuine and beautiful guitar play, blissful bass and drums, and honest vocals all bring to this track that lovely Indie Rock vibe, and convey well the theme!


Vylet & Sylver – Nurture | Chillout

Some very downtempo music now from Vylet and Sylver’s recent EP, Lotus. Plenty of mellow sounds with piano, ukulele, guitar and more V I B E S than ever before – I guess that’s to be expected when combining two such skilled musicians.


[P@D] ExplodingPonyToast, ThatMusicBrony & LutariFan – Start Again (Filly in the Box Remix) | Electronic

The remixes of Start Again seem to keep on coming… Here’s one by Filly in the Box that takes a sorta midtempo approach with harsh saws and the like in the drop.


Horse Music Hotspot – January 2017

HMHotstpot main art

Hey, so, sorry we weren’t able to let you know about this in advance of the live airing, but we have a new timeslot for the Horse Music Hotspot. It’ll still air on the last Sunday of each month, but at 9pm UTC (4pm EST) instead of 10pm EST – perhaps a much more accessible time of day for most of you.

New Year, new Ponies at Dawn album (yes, already!), from which we feature a few tracks this month, but with plenty of other music from various artists too! Now with seemingly more dnb than ever before, and some fantastic collaborations and remixes.

To listen in live, tune in to Ponyville FM at 4PM Eastern on the last Sunday of each month!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break

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[P@D] SDreamExplorerS – Let The Sun Rise (Covering Morgsch & Itchigotchi) | Metal

A much welcome and awesome cover from SDreamExplorerS aka Soul Strings, this piece of Amity shines with force, as lovely guitar melodies and heavy riffs unfold for an amazing result. Itchigotchi’s original vocals are still present, and stand alongside SDreamExplorerS’ mighty Metal vocals for a delightful contrast.


Crusader! – You Can Always Come Back | Folk / Country

Another song with a deep theme, this new release from Crusader truly gives off such a fiting countryside musical mood as it takes on what the Apple family must have felt while Applejack traveled to Manehattan in her youth (as depicted in S01E23 The Cutie Mark Chronicles). Expect honest vocals and an awesome performance on the acoustic guitar, banjo and harmonica!


[P@D] LutariFan – Where The Heart Is (Replacer Remix) | Piano / Orchestral

The much beloved ending track from Voyager, Where The Heart Is by LutariFan, gets an utterly beautiful and creative remix in Amity, as Replacer poured his passion into crafting this heterogeneous track full of many wonders. A wonderful tribute to the original, it takes inspiration from the original melodies to then build a complex and progressive piece that displays much talent and feelings, and that doesn’t fail to be emotional as well.