Holocene – Never Know (feat. Rhyme Flow) | Hip-Hop

Meaningful and heartfelt track incoming! Rhyme Flow shares an utterly beautiful track with us and we are delighted to learn about such a personal meaning there is to it (learn more in the decription). Holocene’s emotional instrumental completes Rhyme Flow’s gorgeous vocals in the most beautiful ways, and the whole song is a bliss to experience. The very cute cover art is by Leslers!


Filly in the Box – Windigo (Einarx Remix) | Dubstep

A recent favorite of mine, this outstanding remix from Einarx displays inventive techniques and doesn’t fail to impress in both sound design and composition. Building on Filly in the Box‘s melodies and signature sound, the remix creates a distinct new mood and impresses with a seamless flow of sick sounds that is just insane. These ponies are crazy. Crazy good.


[P@D] bank pain – Empire Past (PVNK Remix) | Dubstep

Bank Pain‘s Empire Past has inspired just as much as it has delighted it seems, and this resulting streak of remixes certainly is a feast. This one is especially crazy, much fitting to how crazy good the original is, and PVNK aka Phoxi displays all his incredible talent at sound design and unique song structures, with this outstanding remix that is so good and inventive that it’s scary.


Brohoof Studios – Winning Formula | Hands Up

A zebratastic release from Brohoof Studios, this Hooves Up track brings fire to the party using alchemical techniques blending uplifting beats and melodies with both zebra and pony vocal samples to synthesize a unique track. One of the artist’s best recent works!


[P@D] Einarx – Blastershy (Ryazan Remix) | Hardcore

This amazing remix from Ryazan out of Amity takes the original Dubstep track from Einarx into a more Hardcore spin, and the result is nothing short of impressive. A relentless onslaught of beats and bass, and a lead synth melody that is a favorite of mine, all give to the remix the qualities of an all-time banger.


Wind Wolf – Serene Town | Orchestral

Another OST track from Adventure of the Lunarbolts like Across the Fields we’ve posted today, this one is from a familiar face, Wind Wolf aka Night Breeze, and it’s a town theme! Carelessly walk down the streets along the guitars and the flutes and immerse yourself in the spirit of the new town you’ve discovered, and don’t forget to look in even the most remote spots for treasure chests!


[P@D] Silver Note – Run (Flittzy Remix) | Melodic Dubstep

One of the many graceful pieces from Amity, this remix of Silver Note’s Run sublimates its godly vocals in a Melodic Dubstep way along heavenly synths, a gentle yet strong beat, and very lovely melodies that evoke emotions so easily. Masterpiece of a remix!


Senjan – Across the Fields | Orchestral

OST is my life, and I can feel so much nostalgia and familiar emotions while listening to this OST track for Adventure of the Lunarbolts, composed by David K Senjan. Taking the Orchestral route, this overworld theme has that emotional reminiscent musical mood that makes you reflect and feel good about your current adventure as your progress with your companions on the world map, and it does it so well. It also uses a motif from a past project, that truly conveys that RPG feel so well. If you want to know more, be sure to watch the video along the song! Senjan is not only a talented and inspired composer, he also dabbles in animation, and that is definitely a much welcome addition! Now, let’s travel to the next town where we’ll stay at the inn! Onwards, party members!


Outside the Day – Chrysalis will Rise | Hardcore Punk

More badapple anthems incoming! Getting onto the Changeling Kingdom’s gig stage, Outside the Day performs a quite awesome Hardcore Punk song under Queen Chrysalis’ guidance to celebrate the execution of her malicious plan in the S6 finale. I can just imagine the audience of Changelings celebrating and cheering to the song along the mighty vocals!

Happy Birthday to…us?!


27 January 2016. That was the day we officially launched this website. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already and how much we’ve done in that time.

Since launching we have covered…

  • 1415 solo songs
  • 18 individual albums
  • 14 compilation albums
  • 25 EPs

Fun facts: this means that, on average, we’ve posted almost 4 songs per day, a compilation album is released once every 26 days, and artists release individual albums or EPs every 8 days!

I wanted to say thanks to all of you who’ve believed in and supported us over the past year – here’s to another year of music!

Thanks to all our affiliates and friends (who we should perhaps affiliate with) for sharing the love with us.

And a special thanks to the rest of the team: Francis, EPT, Makenshi, Intersekt, hackd, Xavi, Gunz, and more recently NeverLastStanding, and all our guest writers who have contributed. This wouldn’t have been possible without you guys.

– Spectra