[LDB] Totalspark – Dancing in the Moonlight VIP | Future Bass

The responsibility of a community compilation album’s closing track is not one that should be underestimated. While it plays little part in keeping the listener hooked, it determines the finish, the aftertaste which lingers for hours after one has concluded one’s first playthrough, and is quite instrumental to the first impression.

On the newest LDB release Beats Me 3, Totalspark takes care of all this flawlessly with his new take on Dancing in the Moonlight.

While the original is well over a year old and relied on excellent use of negative space and beautiful piano composition to carry it, the 2017 VIP is quite different in execution, if not in concept. Totalsparks once again proves that he can uphold the quality benchmark set by his latest releases, utilising beautiful arps, crisp percussion and lush chords to create an immersive and satisfying experience. A brand new lead synth guides you through both energetic drops, and the track culminates in a gorgeous piano outro.

Get Beats Me 3 on Bandcamp now!

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