[LDB] Tripon – Queen of the Cavern | Dub

For his first release after the name tweak—specifically, the introduction of a pony specific alias—Tripon embraces his previously underexposed halftime side.

Queen of the Cavern is a brilliantly produced specimen of an underground genre that has not been traditionally represented within the fandom, and is as such an even more welcome release. Tripon sources inspiration from the still-fresh Season 7 episode Rock Solid Friendship, which is prominently sampled within the tune, to construct a scenario in which Maud instrumentalises her in-depth knowledge of Equestrian geology to its full extent. The result is a marvellous subwoofer workout that is as minimal & hard as Maud’s emotional pallet, which also further diversifies the arsenal of genres 2017 pony music can offer its listeners.

Get the full Beats Me 3 album, on which this track has been released, on Bandcamp now!

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