Modern Bard – Stars Delight | Space Ambient

Close your eyes.

Listen to this song, and then, tell me what you feel.

You are going to experiment the reality of space and the sound of universe.

  French composer Modern Bard, did an awesome and chilling space ambient track that possibly describes what is like to living in the Moon alone. I got chills down my spine just for listening this track, because it’s so peaceful, it’s so calm, it’s so universal and space-feeling track.

Modern Bard did an awesome job, just listen to the track and then tell us what you think. This track is good when you are really stressful or angry and you can get more happy and chill. Enjoy the track.

You can now open your eyes.

Now feel the stars around you and the universe.

The ship is almost going to back to Earth, prepare yourself.

Hope you had a good trip.


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