Narokath – Their Blackest Day | Thrash Metal

From the upcoming album Dead Wings of Grace that is about an alternate universe Spike, Narokath releases this 12 minutes long track that has two parts. Laura that is the most chill part with great guitar riffs and with a lot of progression, reminding me of …And Justice For All by Metallica, with some main melody from the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack, it gives to the track the atmospheric feeling. Then comes the second part aka Annihilate that is a ponification of The Blackest Day by Annihilator. It starts with a lot of noise, a thing that I like in Thrash Metal, then the aggressive riffs of the guitar and the drums are played very well. And the rough vocals are the element that gives the headbanging and aggressive look to the track. All joined by an incredible mixing and mastering.

Brony Thrash Metal with Progressive elements that parodies Silent Hill 2 and Annihilator in the same track is a treasure. Listen to this song, the transition from Laura to Annihilate is very awesome.


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