Blue Note – In The End (feat. Ecilia Amaj) | Art Pop / Orchestral

Dedicated to her A Symphony of Two partner, her family and friends that help her through difficult times in life! With vocal help coming from Ecilia Amaj, who also helped Blue on The Daughter of The Winds! Blue Note delivers a big feeling of emotions! This vocal track written by Blue Note inspired by How To Disappear Completely done by Radiohead, this track according to Blue can have multiple interpretations, mostly inspired by Blue’ own experiences and probably has some The Perfect Pear inspired stuff. The lyrics are really well written, some really deep emotions!

Now let’s talk about the music itself, the vocals are really well performed and sometimes some of the vocal mixes of Blue and Ecilia created harmonies that gave me chills down my spine, these harmonies with the piano chords and the saxophone and trumpet solo duet done by Blue and Cainbow (this composition was supposed to be a A Symphony of Two instrumental). The duo solo is the most amazing thing on the track along with the vocal harmonies!

This track is really beautiful and emotional, I cried listening for the 5th time and I had chills down my spine every time I heard the track! Listen to the song just not once but a lot of times! Listen to this song with passion and emotion! This is the song that defines that Brony Music and music in general are special things in our lives! This track remind me of A Moon Shaped Pool tracks, the most recent album of Radiohead!


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