FritzyBeat hugs ertrii – Maybe | Chill House

A new very welcomed entry in FritzyBeat’s “hugs” series, this one celebrates ertrii’s musician anniversary and conveys much depth, both from Moondancer’s character depth and Fritzy’s personal experience! Wonderfully blending ertrii’s Fluttershy-empowered divine instrumental from Maybe with heavenly and charismatic vocals from the ever-so-passionate FritzyBeat, this track is quite the meaningful experience as it shares social aspects that I’m sure some among us will be able to relate to. A powerful tribute brimming with the magic of Friendship, and a beautiful token of the love that makes us special as a community! Now I wish I was a musician so I could release a track in response to this. I would call it “Makenshi hugs everypony – I love you all”.


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