Vylet Pony & Sylver – Catching On | Lounge

Fresh off of Vylet’s new album, he and Sylver combine to make this 50s style instrumental track. Catching On is inspired by several different worldly influences and has a nice blend of a jazzy beat with Brazilian and Mediterranean instrumentation. Even with the upbeat tempo, the song has a very chilled out vibe to it – an impressive achievement befitting the talent of great producers like Vylet and Sylver!



Reverbrony – Omega (feat. Osoch) | Metal / Djent

Here’s one for the metalhead readers! This new Daybreaker-themed piece by two of the greatest metal musicians currently doing it is heavy on the riffs, with some killer and equally-impressive guitar solos by Osoch. The percussion sounds as good as any Reverbrony track and the Meshuggah influence, especially during the breakdowns, is palpable. This ain’t one to miss for any djent fans!


Tridashie – Pony Girl (feat. IMShadow007 & Brittney Ackerman) (Brohoof Studios Remix) | Hardstyle

First The Midnight Musician, then 174UDSI, then TPressleyJ, and now Hoofy has jumped on Pony Girl, coming through with a pumping hardstyle remix! In the last two years of my observing the fandom’s scene, Brohoof Studios has had some of the biggest musical improvement by far! The kick is very well-crafted, the atmosphere during the verses feature some awesome synth work, and the song provides the euphoria of flying through the skies of Equestria. Great work on this one!


Rarity Advocate – Dress Horse | Piano

Rarity Advocate continues to prove he is among the best composers, classical or otherwise, in the fandom with this lovely Chopin-inspired piece about the titular Dress Horse herself. The piece evolves in a very ear-grabbing way. Some moments are more dirge-like, while some are pensive and loving. This ode to Rarity is one of my personal favorite solo piano pieces this fandom’s ever produced.


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Lilac Sky | Blues

Every time Moon Flame from Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra releases a new song, we get a new chance to partake in cuddly times with one of our beloved ponies. Lilac Sky is dedicated to Starlight and expresses much love, with tender vocals and lyrics, as well as a cute and refined instrumental giving off fitting romantic vibes. Isn’t it great when we can relate to what other fans are expressing with their fan songs? Never stop showing your love to ponies… and to lovely musicians like Moon Flame!


AntaresPony – a pommel tune | Ambient

AntaresPony, a new pony musician who appeared recently, keeps it up with the wonderful Ambient releases like a real fan! Showcasing a distinct musical identity as well as unique aesthetics in the videos, AntaresPony tells beautiful pony-inspired tales through music, and this one is centered around our beloved Coco Pommel! It is quite emotional with many instruments coming into play and an atmosphere like no other. It even features vocal samples from Coco for added emotion, mixed in with much talent!
Also check out the other delightful tune they released along this one, the starlight i love.