HACKD – Hold On To Your Horseshoes! | Terrorcore

HACKD treats us with yet another rich cocktail, flavored with S03E06 Sleepless in Ponyville vocal samples this time, and a pinch of spookiness fitting to the theme. Just a pinch. Or definitely not just a pinch… It’s freakin’ Terrorcore!! Get your dose of spooky stories along fast-paced beats and always that quality composition and sound design that make the track such a tasty and refined beauty. To savor times again to extend the spirit of the episode! The cover art was made by HACKD himself and is available on his DeviantArt.


Straight From The Heart – HEAT (feat. J. Free, Equestrify, MC-Arch & Doodled) (prod. TCB) | Hip-Hop

Pony Hip-Hop initiative Straight From The Heart keeps making the coolest things happen, as talented and lovely rappers from all around the community gather to collab and create magic together. With an instrumental crafted for the occasion by our homie TCB, HEAT is open to interpretation but what’s for sure is that it showcases sick verses from J. Free, Equestrify, MC-Arch and Doodled who all do a lovely job at completing each other. It all contributes to create one epic masterpiece filled with the magic of Friendship… and rap! Get ready because things are HEATing up!


Reverbrony – Impending Doom | Progressive Metal

Reverbrony’s progressive pieces are always a pure delight, and this one, like many others, feels just like it’s telling a story! The dark atmosphere, and the various elements coming in throughout the song, make for a much blissful and progressive experience flavored with apocalyptic omens, desert landscapes, and heavy guitar riffs. Fight the end of the world with the power of rock music!


Jyc Row – Deep Forest (Stage 1-2) (Friendship is Epic) | Soundtrack

After clearing the Forest’s Entrance map, you go deeper in the woods and stronger enemies start appearing in relentless assaults, and you know what that means! BGM change!! Jyc Row displays his talent as a Soundtrack composer once more with this new stage theme, delivering a fitting tense mood and cool fighting vibes with even an electric guitar, delightfully reminiscent of the harder Fighting is Magic BGMs and making for a blissful OST addition to the game on standby.


iblank2apples – Flutterwander (NeverLastStanding Remix) | Drum & Bass

It’s always such a treat for the ears with every Drumscape Library upload. Isn’t it amazing how timeless those vocals from So Many Wonders are? With this tune, NeverLastStanding flips the synthwave-inspired Flutterwander on its head, while still retaining the beyond-catchy vocal chops from iblank’s original. The lead in this song is infectious in catchiness and in how friggin’ happy it is (something NLS specializes in). The song never feels like it takes a break energy-wise, which is something I personally love in any drum and bass song. The punchy kick in the breakdown, coupled with the clean-as-usual mixing from NLS, make this track sure to please any fandom DnB connoisseur!
This track is available as part of A State of Sugar Bubblegum.


D1SCORDANT – Rex Autem Umbra | Metal

At every new release from D1SCORDANT you just know you can expect gritty guitars, tasty bass, and garage drums for a blissful experience smelling like rusty amps and hardened fingers. This new Metal track straight from the musician’s den is themed around King Sombra and we’ll never get enough of that fitting heaviness and relentlessness, reflecting the evil king’s wrath and thirst for conquest. Another delightful dark gem from D1SCORDANT!