Phoxi – everfree coven | Experimental Trap

Editor’s note: idfk how to label phoxi’s music, it’s like trap but halftime…quartertime?

Damn this was SPOOPY, Phoxi delivers an amazing audio design in this track, with the drums really well made, the wubs are really distorted and the whispers CELESTIA! The whispers!!!!!! It was an amazing experience, and SPOOPY, incredible, incredible! I love it!!!! Phoxi always delivers really cool songs!!


Arabesque Sympony – Tricks up My Sleeve (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Funk Rock

It’s not just Nightmare Night, it’s also Trixie Day! And Arabesque Sympony made such a lovely cover of Trixie’s Tricks up My Sleeve from EQG2, in the spirit of the spooky night! Getting on stage to play along with Trixie, the pony musician not only covered the instrumental delightfully using the power of rock (including an amazing bass solo), but is also covering the song with his own vocals that are so cute and beautiful. Overall a very addictive cover that will make you want to sing along and raise your hooves, and cheer for Arabesque Sympony and Trixie!


Alex S. – Trixie The Pony Troll (Brilliant Venture & One Track Mind Bootleg Mix) | Drumstep

It’s Nightmare Night, and Brilliant Venture and One Track Mind released one crazy collab that’s a real blessing for pony music, nostalgia, and emotion!! I can hardly withhold my enthusiasm… For these two musicians did something really lovely right here, using each of their special talent to remix one of THE community classics of old, Alex S.’s Trixie The Pony Troll! (VIP of it here) Emotional chiptune melodies, epic electric guitars, mad wubs-filled drops, and what makes the experience complete, an insane music video by Xol The Great! This is such a masterpiece of a remix and one can tell they all poured a lot of work into it and also had a lot of fun. Thank you all for this! Tributes like these are a real gift, just like your presence in the community is. Keep it up everypony! We’ll always love our great and powerful Trixie♥!


Daniel Ingram – A Kirin Tale (JoinedTheHerd Remix) | House

The wonderfully-talented JoinedTheHerd has released his long-awaited remix to the lovely Kirin song! Of course, it features his signature chiptune-y synths, an undeniably danceable groove, and an incredibly uplifting melody, and does amazing justice to the Autumn Blaze anthem! Featuring adorable art by negasun, this is another awesome addition to JTH’s repertoire!


[P@D] Single Purpose – Fond Memories | Liquid Drum & Bass

I’d only previously heard Single Purpose’s It’s Ok off of A State of Sugar’s Bubblegum
from earlier this year, but their song from Ponies at Dawn’s Enigma is an incredibly sweet treat itself! This track has some hypnotic guitar samples and keys, with some super punchy breaks to boot. It’s always exciting to see a new Drumscape Library upload, and this track is definitely another liquid DnB tune to get lost in!

Aside – More Music For the Headless Horse | Compilation Album | Experimental

The sequel to the highly experimental Music for the Headless Horse. More Music for the Headless Horse comes as an amazing show of spooky/funny/experimental songs with the habitual faces of like Kakofonous A. Dischord (the owner), Shuffle Horse (formerlly known as VecodeX), Drixaleflankƨy, CloudbeatSampleMousse and yours truly (yes me). But we also have new faces like Cynifree, RezKue!, Dynamite Grizzly, DEFORMED STUUFYSH, DAϟH & Ponut Pulse and Lois Cook! All of this album is amazing and you should check out! Artwork done by the amazing Cosmic Latte (aka PhonicBoom).


[P@D] bank pain – Breaking Of Dawn (Hay Tea & ExplodingPonyToast Remix) | Drum & Bass

Isn’t it lovely when pony musicians team up to pay tribute to another pony musician’s tune? This time it’s bank pain‘s otherworldly Breaking Of Dawn that gets the special treatment from DnB expert Hay Tea and the head of Ponies at Dawn himself ExplodingPonyToast! It results in a gorgeous DnB spin of the original, with such a rich composition, stylish synths, and lovely melodies. It’s available as part of Ponies at Dawn Enigma!


[PVCF] MC-Arch & bank pain – Let Me Feel This (PegasYs Remix) | Neuro Hop

Played at the latest cider party, it’s PegasYs‘ incredible remix of the original Let Me Feel This by MC-Arch and bank pain from MC-Arch’s If I ever Forget magnum opus album! PegasYs goes all-out and delivers what may be one of his most impressive tracks to date, following up on the smooth and chill vibes from the original with even more emotion, and showcasing an insane sound design work as well. Over its progression, this remix from Ponyville Ciderfest‘s compilation album definitely provides a powerful experience of sounds, and that is certainly one of the things in this world that could make you feel “it”.


General Mumble & Koa – They’re Up to Something, Gummy | Electro

A wonderful surprise, our friendly neighborhood General Mumble cooked up a new EP for this Halloween, and this is one of the tracks that will be part of it! A collab with Mumble’s fiancée Koa, it samples Pinkie from the fateful S01E25 Party of One, and it’s such a welcomed new musical experience signed with General Mumble’s unique vision. The track fittingly delivers spooky and intriguing vibes thanks to distortion effects on the vocals and mad choirs in the background, that make you feel like you’re walking in a twisted version of Equestria! And this is only the beginning!


[PVCF] GeekBrony & Drummershy – Last Tempest (feat. Vylet Pony) | House / Bounce

A stunning example of a PMV made to match a pony song perfectly, this is also GeekBrony’s magnum opus, with almost 100 hours of time spent on the song! Themed around Tempest Shadow from the MLP movie, the track features Vylet Pony‘s vocal talents, bringing Drummershy‘s lyrics to life and enacting GeekBrony’s vision. Listening to the song along watching the PMV made by DeviantXS is an awesome experience, and we can only commend the wonderful tribute to Tempest and the movie that the team effort made possible. It’s available as part of Ponyville Ciderfest‘s Official Convention Album!