Daniel Ingram – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Odyssey Eurobeat’s Lovers Mix) (feat. Jessa) | Eurobeat

It’s 2019. The final season is halfway done. Our fandom is questioning was will happen after its all over? Let the legend himself Eurobeat Brony tell you then. Brony music will live on, and he is still doing what he loves. His dedication to this fandom should still give you hope. He shows no signs of his love going away, remixing one of fandom’s most beloved songs of Applejacks parents ballad of love to each other. Using those amazing eurobeat melodies and some electric guitar, the pace is fun and just right! The lyrics still give you a wonderful feeling in your body. You should grab that special somepony of yours, dance with them, the meaning doesn’t change.

What an amazing take on this song! It’s different from what most of his songs are known for. By reinventing and showing off more of his musical arsenal, it is a clear sign that Odyssey is still challenging himself. It’s a nice tribute to Daniel’s work! Travis buddy keep doing your thing and setting a standard for your love for MLP!


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