Rarity Advocate – Until the End of Time | Orchestra

[Advocate said that pianos had to be better than the original upload. You can decide for yourself by clicking here]
Orchestral music at its very core can tell you a narrative by evoking your emotions and your imagination. Rarity Advocate’s somber tone explains the message that the story of our beloved mane 6 is nearing the end. The composition and composer of the melodies tell this tale through gorgeous use of a piano & violin. I can picture this scene where the mane 6 and spike are walking a road, Canterlot then comes up in the horizon as they get closer. I can see the pretty land of Equestria in all its colors like a painting making this much richer. Twilight and her friends are taking a walk towards her crowning as the new ruler of Equestria. And do this as best friends until the end of time. I ask you, my fellow bronies, what do you picture as you listen to this?

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