MC-Arch – You got me, I got us | Album | Hip-Hop / Audio Drama

“This review is dedicated to a person that embodies the very believes to his core of what being a brony honesty is. That person is the one and only Joey-O. If anyone lives by the messages of this album laid by MC-Arch. It’s you, Joey, I know you’re resting up good. I and MC-Arch could not think of a better way to show how much this fandom loves you. Then to honor you this way.”

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“Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of People.”
-Princess Celestia, speaking to the human race at the G20 world summit as an honored guest speaker.

“Friendship isn’t always easy, but there’s no doubt it’s worth fighting for.” A quote from Twilight Sparkle. It’s about how deep and precious friendship is. it is something that we as people don’t look deep enough into. But Mc-Arch’s album does. It’s a philosophy that is so deep, Arch’s message of this album makes it a focal point. It’s not just a line from our beloved book horse. It’s a message that transcends into our world. A message that the brony fandom tries to tell the world. This masterpiece of music, tells a story that blurs the lines between our fandom, and the problems of our world. Mc-Arch tells in his own words Here. Arch’s OC Realfeeler, a human who’s lost his humanity in an all-out war involving Equestria, Earth and its allies vs the Stormking, is the powerful narrating voice of this story. RealFeeler lives his days now as a pegasus special operative for the Alicorn Princesses. He’s doing his best at building a life for Fluttershy and their foal GuardianAngel, trying to fight for the one thing that matters to him the most: Life. Those who fought and died. Those who didn’t come back. He fights for those to live with everything he has. The story between the lines is a love letter to this fandom told by a masterful mix of brony music and a powerfully done audio drama. MC-Arch did not do this alone. He brings with him many guest talents to help him tell this story. Let’s have a look.

The music and audio drama works as pillars as a total package. The thing that really stands out to me is how MC-Arch uses each song. Takes what’s going on with our world and uses the lessons, the love, the friendship of this fandom to express what is on his mind. Through this very deep and moving music. He tells a believable story of his character Realfeeler feelings and emotions. As I listened to this, I heard his love and passion for this fandom that he believes in so much. A fandom that has changed lives, and is still changing lives! Each song is described with words from Arch himself before each track. that gives each of the songs tracks much more depth and understanding. In terms of the music itself. He lays it thick with the one genre that’s made for this, Hip-Hop. It’s just perfect how he fires these lyrics out with such emotion, and such meaning. Hip-Hop was founded on the art of expressing your world. Between the lines, you hear what he’s learned from MLP:FiM, from the characters and the songs. Tracks 2. 4. And 5. Realfeeler is with Fluttershy as he talks about his struggles going forward and the only thing that matters to him is giving her and their son a life worth living. I really don’t want to give too much away, Listen and your understand why MC-Arch is amazing at rapping. He doesn’t come alone. He is joined by the guest musical talents of Koron Korak, RoomVR Suskill, StealingShadez and the singing vocals of Namii to tell this story.

On track 8, He’s joined by, in my mind by an underrated singing talent of the one and only Brittney Ackerman! as the singing vocals for Twilight! With the help of guest producer UndreamedPanic, They bring a classic 80’s style pop ballad about the fighting for the magic of friendship to such a beautiful life. This song will make you feel very nice and fuzzy. However, you walk away with a stronger feeling for fighting for your friends. Track 10. Is SOOO heavy and hardcore and is many thanks to R3CTIFIER, Need I say more for a climatic track that is about fighting for everything you care about. Tracks 12. and 13. Finishes this album up nicely, as the meaning of this album comes full circle. Realfeeler with Fluttershy finds what he been looking for and then shares that with the listeners in the final song of the album. Once again RoomVR helps MC-Arch close this album out with what I feel is the brony fandoms message to the whole world. Oh, and Arch has a very nice vocal range. Not only can he throw down rhymes but he can sing well.

I’ve saved my favorite for last. Track 6 is a hybrid track of story and song paying tribute to the lord of chaos Discord. Along with important real message from Arch on why Discord as a character is so close to him. The song itself lays that line down in how Arch relates to Discord in so many ways. Nevermourn lens a hand with the melodies of the song but it’s who lens their talents as the voice of Discord to give this track it’s a powerful feeling. My good friend and one of fandom’s most talented and amazing people DaWillstanator!

The music of this album is honesty some magical stuff! However, it’s only half “You got Me. I got us”. The rest of the tracks are a very well put together audio drama featuring the talents of not only MC-Arch himself, but the guest voice talents of Brittney Ackerman, Gina M, SoftieShy, StealingShadez, Envy, Teru Kristen, Ian Mitchell, StallionSlaughter and as I just said Dawillstanator. The audio drama only strengthens the messages of the songs. From the opening of the album, You’re given the feeling that Equestria is still reeling from the aftermath of the great war with the Stormking. You hear Twilight’s words and get these tears in your eyes from her speech. Laying the ground of the album from there, The story then follows Realfeeler’s emotional travels through this whole album story that is honestly inspiring.

The voice acting and writing is emotional, heartfelt, and gripping. I can tell that Arch put a lot of passion into the story along with sprinkling in some clever inspiration from avengers infinity war and endgame. Arch makes sure that as you hear all of this, you hear his love for MLP FiM and everything it’s done for him, how the messages of this show are still relevant in an Equestria torn by war and chaos. That should not shock you, because he is also talking about our world in that very context. It’s wonderfully done with his use of the characters in the show to tell that kind of story.

Overall this is a very special album Music and Storytelling. I would put this as one of my all-time favorite fanworks. Everyone in this fandom needs to listen to this. NO seriously go listen to this now!

4 thoughts on “MC-Arch – You got me, I got us | Album | Hip-Hop / Audio Drama

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    Wow. 😀 This was a total package of well put together music, voice acting, and storytelling all in one! 😀 I agree on how it mends together in the real world, how there’s always something worth fighting for, and how ponies die for that in order for the ones out there to have the freedom and their dreams. 🙂 Friendship is a beautiful thing, and shouldn’t be taken for granted because it’s so hardly fought for and isn’t always easy, but it teaches us and helps us grow to be better people and make our bonds and unity be stronger together. 🙂

    Well done MC-Arch and all involved with this! 😀

    Thanks for sharing this with me, my favorite Qilin. 🙂

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