MC-Arch & SoftieShy (Fluttershy) – Lullaby. | Pop Ballad

(You can Listen to Mc-Arch’s Album Here, and also read my article that talks about the Album Here.)
It’s an honor to do these promotions for fellow colleagues of Horse Music Herald. MC-Arch’s music is not simply Hip-Hop. The man has a set of pipe and very much invokes the pure emotion of love in this wonderful ballad. He’s no alone as SoftieShy joins in this duet. The love for someone you care about,  How it can you through the lowest points of life and gives you SOMETHING to hang onto. It’s wonderful. I don’t think a lot of bronies think that deeply into it at first until you know it’s there, This show gave people something to build on. Friendship is Magic is a building block to work with. With that building block can make a lot of wonderful things happen. Like finding love. This song so much points out what love can build into. Arch and SoftieShy words are so beautiful on touching into that. Folks honesty keep an eye on MC-Arch, I and my other colleagues love him for a reason. This Qilin knows this to be true without any doubt.

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