Crusader – Only Me | Pop Rock

Crusader is back again with another vocal delight! Big Mac has always had a special place in our hearts in this fandom. Crusader’s voice just gives this song some extra flavor to such a sweet song. I say this because the lyrics tell Big Mac’s throughs and emotions pretty well from Brotherhood Social. Feeling like you can’t fill those shoes anymore for your little sister. When you know that Applejack has done so much more then you have. To have doubt that you don’t matter anymore. Crusader’s voice and acoustics tell that story in such an uplifting way. I’m glad someone made a song about this special moment. We all would like a big brother like Big Mac. His efforts, His hard work. His Love for his family. Doing crazy wacky shenanigans. All to show AppleBloom that he still can be there for her. Much like my buddy LuckRock. Crusaders songwriting is his greatest strength. It shows. Its a heartfelt catchy tune your be humming to yourself. As I always say. This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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