Jyc Row – Sonic Rainboom | Orchestral

Instrumentals are wonderful pieces of music. They are pieces of music you don’t have to use lyrics to tell your story, your message, or the emotion you’re trying to emote. For this it’s emotion. Especially if you love a certain sky blue pegasus. Rainbow Dash is a character that inspires people like myself who have had issues believing in themselves. This music by Jyc Row lights a fire inside of you when you been beaten down and dragged through the mud by life. It starts much like that. Then the Melody grows and builds into this mightly theme that screams confidence. For myself, I picture my growth as a person, brony and a fighter. I picture RD landing next to me, Inspiring me like she does, to get up and don’t quit! The song makes you feel like she is there with you, Telling you that you can win!. You find yourself finding a way to overcome the odds! Not bad for making this in an hour or less Jyc Row. This song much like Dashie’s song in the MLP movie, Makes you inspired for greatness. As I always end this. This Qilin asks you for you to judge for yourself.

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