AwkwardMarina – Anthropology (Forest Rain Remix) (feat. Dr. Thallium) | Electro Swing

(Listen to the original classic here)
Swing dance is a classic stable of big band era music. Leave it to a musical genius like Forest Rain to take this beloved classic, Flavors it with a twist and swirl of the 1920’s. The result of this is banger that can be played at any brony gathering or weddings for that matter, that will get those dancing vibes throughout your body. With Miss Rain conducting the big band you get this modern take of swing music with all the big band elements to the tune. All the brass and strings instruments with a touch of today’s electronica, plus a touch of real sax from Dr. Thallium It’s time to learn that Equestrian two step. So grab your best somepony and go to town. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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