[ASOS] Ice Angel & GrazySmash – Unscathed | Hybrid Orchestral

Ready for your first taste of A State of Sugar: Brownie? Track 24 from the upcoming compilation is Unscathed, a hybrid orchestral collab between Ice Angel and GrazySmash that combines elements of orchestral music, moombahton and big room house. The song starts off with a beautiful orchestral intro that slowly fades in with a soft synth riff and a pretty choir before being joined by orchestral percussion and then drums you’d expect from EDM before jumping into a drop, filled with a heavy bassline and powerful synth chords. After finishing a soft breakdown, the song’s tempo slowly begins to speed up before jumping back into the synth and drums full force, only becoming heavier and more menacing. Combining big room and orchestral music is no easy feat, but these two have pulled it off like it’s nothing! ASOS: Brownie releases on March 6th.


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